What’s up and welcome to talkchakra.com. I’m really excited you made It to the about me page, Im gonna tell your ab little about myself and how my story began. Lets begin shall we? My name is Brandon and I fell in love with these awesome stones since the first day I ever held one of them in the palm of my hand, I was about 19 years young and came to love the idea of chakras & energy.

Although It’s been a while, I don’t vividly remember the exact way I was introduced to stones, because. Bare with me and hope you can relate.

A short story about myself.

once upon a time about brandon and chakras


From what I remember Ive always tried to become a better person striving for “perfection” not really understanding that it’s a battle that cannot ever be won. I sometimes came to be disappointed when I did nothing in a day I wanted to be “productive”,”positive”,”happy”, and wealthy. Before I knew about the chakra energy centers, I only knew about the meaning.

These messages made me super happy knowing I had the added support from the universe ultimately, and I felt unstoppable.


I truly fell in love with the tiger eye stone It resonated with me right off the bat and so I began collecting bracelets and stones till this very day I wear a carnelian bracelet everywhere I go, and tend to keep my peridot in speedometer of my car.





I really enjoy helping people, and I’m truly passionate about chakras. Also, as you can se

e cant live without them. So why not be able to share info insights and awesome adventures with you? I kinda figured we can bond over the topic of these amazing crystals that have helped something about the both of us in a positive light and continue to grow together.

The purpose of Talkchakra.com


I want chakra stones and crystals to be the place to come to when their not feeling like themselves, and need a little inspiration and motivation to get them back on their feet and headed in the right direction a

gain. And if they were never headed in the right direction. I want this to be the beginning.

I want chakras and crystals to be an outlet people can be inspired,leave motivated and live happier lives 100% tapped into their full potential energy.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,