If you think one of your chakras is out of balance,curious about chakras, or a practitioner, I’m here to help you understand and find balances in these energy centers through your body.

To get a better understanding of what chakras are and and how they work checkout chakra symbols and meaning.

Also, one of the methods I’ll be going through in this post explains meditation with stones and crystals. If you would like help choosing your next stone check out Healing stones and crystals for  beginners. This post explains listening to your intuition for best results, and some of my favorite stones which are great because their not just simple stones but actually some of the most powerful.

7 point chakra system.

chakra system

There are 7 chakra points through your body and every center radiates energy at a certain frequency. All points rely on one another kind of like a car. I’m sure you can tell me what happens without gas? What about a battery?, and how about brakes? So I’m sure you can imagine what It would be like without brakes! POW, BOOM, CRASH! Just like a car without one part of the system, your body may have major problems in the future.

Today I want to be kinda like a mechanic to your system, and give you a few helpful ways of understanding your energy imbalances, and some fun ways you can get them balanced.

I think Its important to state that any blockages you have in your body will affect you in two different ways.

1. Mentally/emotionally


Were gonna start by and breaking down the chakra , basic understanding of Its responsibilities and location along with It’s color representation. Working our way through identifying any issues, and how you can resolve them.

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Root chakra:

This is the first in the chakra system and is located at the base of the spine, and is usually represented by the color red.

This chakra is responsible for: Grounding, natural body security, and some basic needs such as water level balances, food,sleep, and shelter. This is our connection to the world and its energy.

Emotional ways to identify blockages are typically trough feelings of feeling disconnected from the world, feeling passive, feelings of depression, laziness or even sadness.

Physical blockages and imbalances are almost all associated with the lower body such as knee paint, leg pain, immune system issues, constipation, and eating disorders.

How can you balance this chakra ?

There are a many ways you can go about balancing this chakra, and although I don’t feel one is more important than the other feel free to pick and choose what woks best for you.

1. Meditation with crystals and stones’ associated with this chakra points are  great for clearing any blockages in the root chakra. Some great stone to use are smokey quartz, ruby stone, and bloodstone. Some even carry  ruby’s casually in their pocket, on a necklace, or a ring can work for you too.

2. Find time to get physical. You can go for a walk, or run, jump rope, or even a bike ride. The goal here Is to move your lower body stimulating the root chakra,  and connecting with earth.

3. Its said that eating foods associated to the color are good for balancing the chakra. You can eat red bell peppers, tomatoes, and strawberries or red apples If meditation and exercise is not enough

4. Since this energy center is associated with money and financials, It will help to keep a finance book that you can look back to regularly and keep track of personal spending, or even setting up a savings account for your future.

How  will I know if this chakra point is balanced?

You will feel more grounded, personal connection. Feeling abundant of energy and life, feeling satisfies with life, or being more comfortable in your own skin.


Sacral chakra:

This is the second chakra center and Is located two to three inches below your naval,and is typically represented with the color orange.

This chakra center is associated with bravery, strength ,creativity, sexuality, strength in our relationships.

Mental/Emotional imbalances/blockages are associated with a lack of:

  • Fear of addictions
  • lack of ability to be creative
  • Express our sexuality
  • Ability to express our emotions thoroughly.

physical blockages/imbalances are associated with urinary problem, kidney or hip dysfunction, sexual and reproductive carnelian-chakra-stone--problems In our body.

How can you balance this chakra?

1.Meditation practices with tigers eye stone, and carnelian are great ways to opening the sacral chakra and aiding in any of these mental and physical imbalances.

2. Find quality time with your partner. You can go on a romantic date, or watch a romantic date.

3. Consume more oranges, carrots and whole foods that are naturally colored orange.

4.Celebrate the small wins in life.

How to know when this chakra point is balanced?

We become more committed in our relationships, are able to express our creativity, sexuality,and desires more fluently.


Solar plexus

The solar plexus Is associated with the color yellow and is located above your naval. The solar chakra is typically associated with the confidance and ablilty to take control of our lives and current situation.

Mnetal-Emotional blockages and imbalances.

  • Issues with will power.
  • self-esteem.
  • fear of criticism.
  • fear of rejection.

Some physical signs of blockages-imbalances.

  • highblood pressure
  • digestion issues
  • pancreas problems’ such as diebetes
  • liver dysfunction

What are some ways to balance your solar plexus?lemon for chakra balance

  1. Meditation with crystals such as amber, and lemon quartz is a powerful way to balance your solar chakra.
  2. Get some sunshine in your life, you can play an outside game. Have a picnic, or read a book outside. The point Is getting Into the sun, don’t look at It as a burden but rather one more way to balance the solar plexus.
  3. Use some essential oils like lemon, and chamomile tea.
  4. Quit the negativity and replace it with a positive message about yourself.

How to know if your solar chakra is balanced?

You will be more confident about your self and your ability to take action when is needed. You will have more self respect and compassion.


Heart chakra

The heart chakra is represented by the color green and is located in the middle of your chest near your heart. The hear chakra is aids in being a more loving person and accepting love from others.

What are some ways you can tell there is an imbalance In the heart chakra?

  • Jealousy
  • anger
  • bitterness
  • fear of loneliness
  • over loving to the point of suffocation with a spouse.

What are some physical imbalances?

  • Asthma
  • heat diseases
  • lung diseases
  • breathing problems
  • shoulder problems
  • wrist pain

What are some ways to get past any heart chakra imbalances?

  1. meditation with crystals such as rose quartz, and amazonite. These are both great stones’ to use when it comes rose quarts chakra stoneto opening the heart chakra. You can even set the stones’ intention for something as specific as jealousy for best results.
  2. Eating more greens is a great day to aid in this area in particular. You can eat broccoli, spinach, or celery for starters.
  3. Be more generous to others.
  4. Make time for yourself daily to something you love an your passionate about.
  5. Use more rose essential oils.

How to know when this chakra center is balanced?

You know when this chakra is balances when you feel more self love, and compassion for other. Your anger Is no longer there and leaves slowly. You trust others again.



Throat chakra

The throat chakra is best symbolized by the color blue and is located near the throat. The throat chakra represents communication, and the power of our voice.

Mental/emotional ways to see know if there is an imbalance in your body.

  • fear of self expression
  • Imbalances of self expression through communication
  • fear of no power
  • fear of no control

Some physical ways of seeing any imbalances in the throat chakra.

  • ear infections
  • soar throat
  • facial issues
  • neck pain

How can I go about finding balance in this chakra?

  1. The first way I personally recommend is to meditate with amazonite,turqoise,lapiz lazuli, and azurite . These are all powerful stones that are best associated with opening the heart chakra, and have other great purposes that go beyond this chakra. So it’s in your best interest to set the stones intention.
  2. Practice being more honest with friends and family.
  3. Try exercising this chakra with singing or humming. You can do this in the shower like myself.
  4. I’d say eat more blue foods but….. well… Blueberries!

So when is this chakra balances and how will I know?

There will be a time where you can listen to others speak and in return be able to give an abundance of truthful words in return. Having a talk with someone you usually have no words for, weather your worried about saying the wrong words to, or are afraid to speak truthful to.



Third eye chakra

Next up Is the third eye chakra. This energy center is best resembled by the color idigo. This chakra sits right in between the brow, in the center of your other two eyes.

Third eye chakra represents our higher consciousness,insights and vision.

Here are a few ways you can tell If your third eye chakra Is unbalanced?

Its said that when your living in fear that the outcome might be because an unbalanced in your third eye. Not being able to focus and visualize might also be a cause of blockage in the third eye chakra. Some other ways you might be able to tell If your third eye is unbalanced might be:moodiness emoji

  • day dreaming too often
  • moodiness
  • unable to recall dreams
  • unable to focus

What about physical symptoms of a blockage in your third eye chakra? Its said that bad eyesight is a cause of an unbalanced chakra, as well as:

  • headaches
  • hearing loss
  • seizures
  • hormonal dysfunction
  • chronic sinus issues

Some preferred ways to find balance in the third eye chakra?

  • Mediation with amethyst, clear quartz, fluorite, and lapis lazuli. These all really powerful stones’ for stimulating the third eye chakra and bringing balance.
  • Applying frankincense essential oils for balance in your third eye chakra..
  • Eating super foods like plumbs, eggplant, or even cabbage and kale are helpful in aiding to the recovery in opening the third eye chakra.

Signs that your third eye is open?

Some say an increase in your natural foresight abilities, intense pressure in the middle of your eye bows, change in through patterns, and a better and deeper connection with yourself and your true worth are all signs you might be receiving from the universe that mean the third eye chakra is open, and balanced.



Crown chakra

crown chakra symbol

Last but not least we have the crown chakra. This is the last chakra point and is represented by the color white, and also can be represented by deep purple.

This is located at the top of your head and is the energy point that connects you to your divine purpose, and the universe. Its best said to help us communicate with higher consciousness.

Emotional blockages/ imbalance consist of having a closed mind, being disconnected to spirit, constant confusion,analysis paralysis,being disconnected from the moment, and living too much in your mind.

How about physical blockages you might be wondering about?

These issues might be notices through

  • inability to learn.
  • depression
  • feelings of being unbalanced
  • giving up faith in yourself
  • bumbing into… objects, things well your walking to frequently.

How can you find balance in your crown chakra might be easier than you think!

  • Its best to meditate with amythest, clear quartz, alexandrite,and charoite chakra stones’
  • Another way to balance third eye chakra is finding anything that motivates and inspires you. It could be anything from exercise to listening to music, If that’s somthing that motivates you that keeps you looking foward.
  • Visualize an abundance of positively flowing into you through your crown chakra. This can also be helpful during meditation exercises.
  • Watching a movie that might inspire you. Or another alternative to reading a book is audio book.
  • Eating foods that are resembled with the color purple, and blue, like grapes, and blueberries.

The crown is balanced is typically through feelings of positively, when we are living in the moment and less in our imaginations, a higher sense of purpose and intuition.


Bonus Pointscrystal quartz

  • Clear quartz works like a mirror to all its surrounding energy. Quartz is of the most powerful crystals, and the best day to go about balancing any chakra is to pair it with any of listed crystals. This amplifies the frequency of the another stones’ which can potentially aid in the process of opening any chakra point.
  • Don’t forget to consider eating these super foods to aid in balance.
  • Use any listed essential oils
  • And use exercise and affirmation.

Although you can’t start at any chakra point its best to start at the root because this essentially is the foundation of all the others.