Do you think that maybe your crown chakra is blocked? What can this mean to you and your body? How can you be affected? Is it possible that these are some of the questions you are asking yourself in addition to more questions and curiosity? Blocked Crown chakra symptoms

Understanding the symptoms of a crown chakra, you are taking the first initial step to healing your mind, and wellbeing. And I can assure that you will be able to noticeably feel the difference between a blocked crown chakra and an open one.

This means A happier, healthier, optimistic mind and that is powerful because the mind is needed.

The word charka means wheels’ in Sanskrit. Because the constant flow of energy is close to the cycle of a wheel. The crown chakra controls the upper area in the head and supports mental clarity and balance in the mind.

Let’s break down the crown chakra, It’s symptoms, and some methods that are used for recovering from an imbalanced chakra.

The Crown Chakra & Governing Energy


The crown chakra governs the Minds’ area in your body and everything above the head. This means your headspace, emotional balance, higher consciousness, wisdom, your intuition and connecting to your divine purpose.

Just like the other 7 energy points in the body, your crown has a color association as well. 

Color association: White, or Deep Purple.

It’s simple. Remembering purple will come into good use for not only remembrance of the center and Its abilities, but for healing purposes as well. (Going over later)

Now that we have a basic overview of the crown chakra let’s begin.

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2 Ways To Identify Blockage In The Crown Chakra

Do you think of a wearing a crown what comes to mind? The tangible object itself and maybe the head it sits on?

There are the crown and the thoughts and emotions that come with it. And so there are two ways to find blockages. The first is the through physical symptoms and the second is emotional and or mental.

Emotional ways to Identify a blocked crown chakra consist of:Blocked Crown chakra symptoms

  • Closed mind- Not willing to pay mind to the thoughts and opinions of others.
  • Being disconnected spiritual- This may mean something different to you than myself. If you are far from spiritual practices or believing In a higher being.
  • Constant confusion-  You may hear your self-repeating… “Wait.. what?” a little too much when trying to piece the puzzle together on your task.
  • Analysis paralysis- “But what if” “and what about this”, often times leading in not pulling the triggers on plans because you are worried about perfection too early.
  • Disconnected from the moment. It’s great to think about possibilities and the future but if you’re in your head too much this can be unhealthy. And a sign that your body may be trying to show you.
  • LIving too much in your mind. Do you find yourself continuing to fade out of consciousness? This can be daydreaming, Etc.
  • Depression- Inability to live content often times leading to sadness. This may be known or unknown to you.

Physical pains and inflammation that are in the crown area may help you find blockage as well. The most common physical symptoms are HEADACHES OR MIGRAINES.

Some others may be:

  • Sudden hair loss.
  • Non-cancerous tumor in the brain.
  • Lack of deep sleep.
  • Memory loss.

How do chakras become blocked?

Great, you Identified blockage in your body but what’s next? Don’t jump ahead because preventing blockage is just as important as the balance side of things.

Your environment can create a blocked chakra in any part of the body. In case you’re wondering how I’ll explain.

Blocked Crown chakra symptoms

We all at some point or another have guest over the house right? And if not maybe we have a visit, whether this is a friend or family. And when we get together with anyone we exchange energy through a conversation, physical contact, or aura. We all carry energy with us whether we feel it or not. Which can be great, but it can also be harmful.

Negativity is one way our body’s chakra center may close up. This can also happen when we are under stress caused mentally. We all have bills, we all have to pay rent or a mortgage, or some kind of utility bill. And we work to provide ourselves with a place to live and food to eat. The day by day task that we anticipate may stress us out on top of our own personal responsibilities.

Be mindful of others and who you’re frequently in contact with. Keep in mind that whether you are conscious of it or not, you are exchanging energy. And think twice before inviting guest over for dinner. It may help you to frequently cleanse your space after a rough day, after guest, or whenever you are feeling down energetically.

How To Heal Your Crown Chakra

Healing stones is just one of the various ways you can balance your crown chakra. Just like you and everything else in the universe. Crystals have energy that helps us balance the energy through our body that may not be as consistent as we wished it was.

I suggest stones like:Blocked Crown chakra symptoms

  • Ametrine
  • Clear Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Charolite
  • Howlite
  • Selenite

This is where PURPLE comes into play. If you haven’t noticed the pattern, these stones and crystals are all white and purple.

This means: It should be easy. Keep your eye’s on the colors white, clear, and purple and you are on your way!

It’s frequently said that you don’t pick your stone, your stone picks you. This is great to keep in mind when choosing your stone. If you resonate with your healing crystal your in. Is this easier said than done? PROBABLY!

So you may find a crystal set that comes with necessary crystals helpful whether you are just getting started or already an advanced practitioner. You will actually waste less time on the entire hunt, and the research for each set. Because you typically receive the stones needed to heal all your centers for the price of one crystal. It’s awesome I think you will love it.

Healing stones can be worn as jewels, set on the table for the homes frequency, or carried along. And the great thing is you get to choose.

Blocked Crown chakra symptomsEssential oils are another great option aiding inflammation and antidepressant. You want to check out oils like,

  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Patchouli
  • Rosewood
  • Myrhh

And you can mix and match apply these whenever, wherever, anytime you need to focus up or get rid of aches pains, anxiety, etc.. Don’t worry, you can also find essential oil sets that are purposly made for you and I. Being pre mix and blended make for a very beautliful aroma in the home and on the body while you are focused on the healing part too.


You may also be able to find a few of these scents in incent form also if this is something you are looking for. There are cones, or incent sticks. This is a dynamite for cleansing your home energy, your stones and remaind in an uplifted spirit..

Meditation is a method that has been practiced for over 5,000 years, and Is still being practiced by millions of people and growning. I suggest taking the clear quartz crystal for practice and focus on healing your crown. You will feel emmidiate focus,consitration, and energy boost well you begin to increase freqencies in your crown chakra.

Practice, practice, practice

Identifying is easier said than done. But even if you may not be able to tell exactly find were you may be lacking energy It doesnt hurt to use some of these methods anyway.

Use crystals, essential oils, incents, with meditation for a healthycrown chakra balance. And connect openness with feelings or remeberance, focus, mental clarity, headaches gone, and hair growth.

I hope reading this uncovered methods you can use and use today. How do you identify an imblanced crown chakra?

Let us know in the comment section down below. Thank you,