Chakra meditation has been used for years as a means for regular ordinary people like you and me to find more emotional balance spiritual connection and physical health In our everyday lives. You don’t have to know everything to start, and If your and if you’re an experienced practitioner, awesome. This post will show you how to instantly make room for mental space and begin balancing your energy centers to improve your health.

What we will be going over today:

Understanding basic meditation, and posture will be the first step into chakra meditation. Do not worry if you don’t understand chakra points at all, you will get a rundown of the basic chakra point along with color association. Why Identifying chakra imbalances are Important to meditation. The process of chakra meditations with stones and crystals and plenty of info and insight to know before getting started.

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Getting set for success with chakra meditation.

Theirs no wrongdoing when it comes to meditation. In fact, the only wrongdoing is not getting started. Meditation with or without chakras is a wonderful way to find a more peaceful state of mind, find balance in your life, keeping yourself focused on your most important task, lowering stress levels and more. When combined with the power of chakra balancing, this can make a huge difference in your life.

Let’s begin!


  1. Step one you always want to find a peaceful area where you can lay down your mat (if you have one). A blanket Is great too, something other than just the floor or grass. Although this is optional (I like to think of my blanket as my sacred ground) It’s in your best interest to find a place with no distractions(pets as well) if possible.
  2. A chair Is just as useful as sitting down. You can also lay down if that’s how you are most comfortable with this exercise. ( feel free to try different variations until you find a comfy place.) If you are seated you want to make sure your back is straight up, with your face also facing upward. If you are lying down make sure you’re not meditation with chakra stones and crystlasgonna fall asleep. begin relaxing your toes, then your legs, working your way up to your torso let your stomach relax. Let go of your hands, your arms are tense, let them go, and begin doping your shoulders.
  3. You have additional options when it comes to meditation, you can apply essential oils, light candles or incents this helps you find a deeper, relaxed state, and aid in the chakra balancing.
  4. Get into a mindset of relaxation, love, kindness, peace, and joy. My optional yoga mat or blanket set up really helps with setting a “sacred ground”. This helps because whether its a mat or a blanket, It’s physically yours and can take it wherever, whenever.
  5. You can perform chakra meditation laying down. If so begin with the root chakra, place this stone as close to the chakra center as possible while moving upwards to sacral- solar-heart-throat-third eye-crown. Give yourself 4 minutes with each center, if you are practicing with all 7 chakra centers. ( you can increase duration with practice and comfort)
  6. If you are meditating focusing on one chakra center you can perform meditation sitting, or lie down however you are most comfortable. If laying down repeat the last step for a 10- 15min period. When sitting up, its best to hold your chakra crystal in the left hand and perform the exercise for 10- 15 minutes.
  7.  Very good next is breathing.
  8. Find your natural tempo of 1-2-3-4 let your inhale and exhales be natural at an even count, and begin breathing through your nose. Find more relaxation, peace, and serenity with each exhale.


Now you can begin closing your eyes maintaining your serenity and breathing from your nose. After a couple minutes into your breathing, you’re ready to begin chakra meditation. Always begin with the root chakra because Its the base for all other chakra centers. Finding balance with the root will help you balance all of them. Just as if you wouldn’t build a house on mud, you want a strong foundation when it comes to your body’s energy.

Now that your stones are in place Its visualization time. Begin visualizing the color associated with your practicing chakra center. If you’re on root chakra its red. Visualize the red flowing into the root chakra.

As you grow in comfort with chakra meditation you can begin adding mantras or even affirmations. You can begin with the simple, I feel (_____) chakra opening. I have some mantras listed for you that you can also add into your practice such as OM.


Get familiar with chakra points.


chakra points

There are 7 chakra centers through the body which are perfectly aligned with the spine, beginning at the base of the chakra system. The first chakra point is best known as the root chakra.root-chakra-symbol.

The root chakra is best represented with the color red and Is responsible for keeping you grounded, giving you earth purest form of energy, balance your natural food and water levels, self-security. This chakra center gives us a foundation for living our lives as the beings that we are here on earth.

Most stones and crystals that are red are best paired with the root chakra. Here a few that can be used during the meditation process.

Root chakra healing stones:

  • Red Jasper
  • Red carnelian
  • Black tourmite
  • Bloodstone

Mantra: LAM

Through your meditation practice, you may even use what are called mantras which vibrate at the energy centers frequency aiding in the open state of the root chakra( and all others). What a mantra? Its a sound repeated during meditation that helps with keeping concentration.

Sacral chakra center:

sacral chakra energy symbol

This is the second chakra center in the body which is located two to three inches below the navel, is best represented with the color orange. The sacral chakra is best involved with expressions of sexuality, creativity, and relationships.

Like most other energy centers,  the sacral association with the color orange gives you stones that aid in sexuality and creativity. Some stones you can use for meditation are:

  • Carnelian( regularly orange)
  • Tiger’s eye stone
  • Citrine
  • Spessartine

Manta: VAM


Solar plexus:

solar plexus chakra symbol

The solar plexus is the third out of the chakra system and is located 3 inches above the navel. The color association with the solar plexus is yellow. The solar plexus is best involved with confidence, the ability to take control of our lives and current situation, personal power, and self-belief

Although there are not many yellow stones when it comes time to meditate with this chakra, the ones listed below are powerful and there are always other ways to find balance with the solar plexus.

Here are some keystones that can be paired best with solar plexus:

  • Yellow amber
  • Citrine
  • Lemon Quartz
  • Tiger’s eye( aim for golden brown)

Mantra: RAM



Heart chakra:

heart chakra symbol

The heart chakra is best associated with the color green and is located near the middle of your chest close to your heart. The Heart chakra is best involved with the intent of love, this can mean loving ourselves more, or even giving more love to others.

The stones best associated with the heart chakra can heal anger, jealousy, malice, and help regulate the energy you give and receive. Some stones you can use practicing meditation:

  • Rose quartz
  • Jade
  • Green aventurine
  • Amazonite

Mantra: YAM



Throat chakra:

throat chakra symbol


The throat chakra is best symbolized by the color blue and is located near the throat. The throat chakra represents communication and the power of our voice. Throat chakra gives us the power to express our emotions, ideas, and beliefs.

The stones paired with the heart chakra help to get over the fear of not being heard, fear of not having power, and aiding in the inability of expressing self-beliefs. Practice meditation with these healing stones:

  • Azurite
  • Lapiz lazuli
  • turquoise
  • Amazonite

Mantra: HAM


Third eye chakra:

third eye chakra symbol

Third eye chakra center is the 6th center in the entire system and best resembled by the color indigo. Chakra sits right in between the brow, in the center of your two eyes. The third eye chakra represents our higher consciousness, insights, and vision.

Stones that are paired with the third eye stone chakra aid in your natural virtualization, 6th sense and mental clarity such as focus. Here are some powerful stones that can be paired with your third eye chakra:

  • Lapiz lazuli
  • Amethyst
  • Clear quartz
  • Fluorite.

Mantra: SHAM



Crown chakra:

crown chakra symbol

Crown chakra is the 7th chakra point in the entire system. Although the crown Is best represented with the color white, it can also be associated with dark purple.

This is located at the top of your head and is the energy point that connects you to your divine purpose, and the universe. Its best said to help us communicate with higher consciousness.

Crown chakra stones and crystals can help us connect with the limitless, and the formless. a higher being, aiding in more natural spiritual connection with the universe.

Here are some stones that you can begin implementing with meditation for a higher purpose;

  • Amethyst
  • Clear quartz
  • Charoite
  • Sugilite

Mantra: OM

Learn more about chakra symbols and their meaning here



Make chakra meditation your go to.

Remember there is no wrong way to chakra meditation, the only wrong way is NOT getting started! Don’t make the mistake of not meditating because you don’t have a stone, or a mat, or incense, or candles. Everything other than yourself Is just a cherry on top and an excuse.

You can give it a go with using mantras if you have no chakra stones, as well as the affirmations I feel (____) chakra opening. If you can’t find I a quiet place, get out and find a quiet park.

You can begin with yourself and reap the amazing benefits of finding clarity, physical balance, and more creativity with a little practice each day.