Are you looking to clear negative energy from your home? You may be living in fear, anger, or just scared as an outcome and you are looking to become a stronger, better version of your self.

You want to live in a positive space but may be wondering how to achieve this. You will be happy you stopped by. Today we will go over cleansing your space and clearing out negative energy so you can live rejoiced in love, clarity, positivity growing into the best version of yourself.

This means: You will be able to live a life of health, love, abundance, and happiness helping you gown in ways you may have not even imagined.

Turns out you can begin with Frankincense or Sandalwood incense. And you can literally pick up a pack for two dollars at your local convenient store, or pharmacy.  Regardless of your circumstances. As we enter this post I will go through some different choices like white sage and crystals which helps bring a fulfilling upliftingness to you are your home which is very relaxing if you’ve never tried it.

Let me go further into depth on this and you will be the in for a surprise 😉

Cleaning Your Living Space, How Can This Benefit you?

When are you cleansing your space what is your objective, maybe peace happiness, and love for you and your family?  Could be relaxation! To achieve your cleansed space you have options, but bet that the more of these options you choose to use the more likely you will remain living in a peaceful and soulful space that will help you reach your highest level of well-being.

Let me explain.

There are many different methodologies you can use to achieve your goal of purity. You, of course, have options to incorporate them all or pick and choose based on your own will.

Most Effective Methods To Clear Negative Energy.

White sage was used for years by native tribes to ward off bad spirits, negative energy and is still used today, in addition, to cleanse and protect you well kicking negative energy right in the butt. Out you go bad spirits. This is one option that you can use to create a charming area for you to live.Cleanse your Space and Clear Out Negative Energy

Smudging is a term used when you walk around your home corner to corner and allow the sage to cleanse. Leaving you with a healthier living space.

Note:  Well smudging you want to clear dark shadow areas in the home as well. This tends to be where negative energy creeps too.

How often should you smudge?

Smudge after feeling sick, or when you are down and out of it energetically. Although this may differ from me than it does for you, you don’t need to be an expert to feel it, if you can feel heaviness you can smudge knowing it’s going to good use.

Although breathing Sage isn’t as harmful as you think, to be safe than sorry I personally wouldn’t recommend burning more than 3 times a month. If you feel otherwise feel free.

Frankincense For Unwanted Spirits.

Frankincense has been used in the past in rituals and ceremonies around the world. Frankincense is used to heal sicknesses and can be used in the form of incense or essential oils. Cleanse your Space and Clear Out Negative Energy

But what is Frankincense used for? It is used to bring an uplifting area to the home and encourage mental and spiritual strength within you well keeping unwanted spirits weak and away be your means. This can be of great aid to you keeping a calm, peaceful space in your home well enjoying the beautiful aroma of frankincense any time of day.

Frankincense, on the other hand, is unlike sage and can be used daily if not every other day. And this allows you to maintain an area of positive energy while alowing you to get things done. Frankincense can also be burned with Myrrh which is used for it’s powerful frequency to powerfully get rid of hard negative energy.

An Ancient Chinese Method still used today!

Sandalwood is a tree that is cultivated in India and roughly near 2000 BCE China began to use incense in the religious aspect. And we haven’t looked back ever since. You may not live in China but we are able to receive some of the strongest incents from China. Cleanse your Space and Clear Out Negative Energy

Now the question is what is sandalwood used for?

Sandalwood is a great incense you can burn in your home which is said to bring about spiritual awareness, bring you to a higher yet deeper relaxed state and rid of negative energy.

This is often times used in spiritual practices but has great perks for those who are not practitioners.

If deciding on the frankincense you can begin to clear pace by first cleaning up the room. This is important because negative energy says in places we cannot get to.

You can also open a door or a window before you begin. Once you are ready take the incense corner to corner of your each room walking and working counter clockwise. Also, don’t forget to get in the dark or shaded areas and cracks that you may not usually visit.

I like to burn incense more than most to keep a area of calm and focus through my day and can be in your favor whether you are sanitizing for meditation, or to focus up and get to work.

Can’t You Use Stones To Purify The Home/Area?

But wait… Have you considered crystals?  YES, Crystals are known for the beauty of their colors but also for their metaphysical healing properties. See Stones and Crystals radiate at frequencies that are beyond what our eyes can see. These stones vibrations are deeply impactful for the rid of old energy that may be sitting around. As well as regulation of negative energy.Cleanse your Space and Clear Out Negative Energy

If you are looking to keep space uplifting and motivating I recommend a stone like Amethyst which is a stone that is known for Its energy regulation purposes. Place amethyst stone hears your entrance door, or bedroom and feel the impact of your negative energy being filtered with energized character.

Pair your Amythest with the Clear quartz to capitalize on Its surrounding energy. Meaning that negative energy will be naturally be regulated by the Amythest and the clear quartz supports it by enabling more of Its energies.

Clear quartz has no limit to which stones or energy It’s amplifying. Which is the reason to be wary towards the energy surrounding It? Not by any means would you want to be contributing to more spiritual warfare. but Instead, love.

It has been said many times in the past that Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful protecting stone. Because this has the abilit\y to take the damaging energy being sent towards yourself and returns it to Its sender. Meaning you can go about your day and not have to worry about what happy you are being protected from any sort of harmful vibrations.

If you are looking for an outlet to get rid of stress, fear, anger, anxiety. The Black Tourmaline may be can be calling your name as we speak. Naturally, you want to let your stone or crystal choose you. Usually, you will know if you resonate with the stones massage. If so, there may be the reason for this.

Flourite a crystal beautifully represented by the lighter shades of green and blue. Now Flourite is the perfect restoration tool to bring harmony to it’s surrounding energy including your body, mind, and soul. What else?

The magic in the stone plays a key role in protection, higher intuition, and connection to higher spiritual connection. Which is great to you if meditation is something you would be cleansing a space for.

It’s great to grab the one which resonates best with your purpose. You may want to just have an uplifting environment while some other person may want to have a calm environment that will help them gain spiritual connection. But regardless of different times call for different purposes. And if you are serious you may want to consider an affordable crystal set that can provide you with four or five healing stones for your targeted location, and keep with you. Some also come prepared with sage and incense for purifying your room.

Is Cleansing Crystals a Big Deal?

Whether you are bringing tones in for the homes energies to meditate with them. It’s reccommended that you fallow a few procedures that may land you in some trouble and a waste of time if they’re not abided by. Cleanse your Space and Clear Out Negative Energy

The first should be to cleanse your space with the methods we went over in the post. (for the homes cleansing purpose or your own) This will save you time energy and money from having to repeat burning sage or incents in order to get rid of that heavy feeling of negative energy. Which might also intercept with your stones energy and you.

The second would be to cleanse the actual stones. This is important because you have not one clue whos hands your crystals have been in. And you want to make sure their energy isn’t coming off on you or your homes energy. Because this can lead to the cause of others who may enter your home.

How to Clean Healing Crystals

There are a few different methods to take away from being able to cleanse your healing crystals. Cleansing your crystal might be the difference between “work or not” for some, so I think this is super important to be able to feel how much of a difference this can make in your life. So because we already went over the use of incents, I will bring up this method first.

1. Begin with lighting your frankincense incents. Obviously, you want to make sure this is a safe place and will not drop ashes on something you would not want getting dirty. Because incents can make a mess. As your incent is placed in a tight area slowly let the smoke of it purify your crystal while keeping at least two-three inches of space. Cleanse your Space and Clear Out Negative Energy

2. You have an option of choosing between what’s called a sunbathe, or a moon bath. These are exactly what they sound like in case you were wondering. It’s best to let your crystals sit in a nonmetal container, this can be glass, plastic, anything other than a metal container because this may block the vibration and dfrequencies It will be trying to receive from the sun and moon. The only other step to this form of cleansing would be letting it sit overnight. And for the sun this can be up to 7- 8 hours.

3. The third would be a nice cleanse in sea water. I don’t go to the beach too often and If you don’t either I wouldn’t worry to much about it. You can add a tablespoon of sea salt into a nonmetal container and rinse off the past energy. This may take a little more time out of your day but can recharge your stone with making sure you are good to go after the clean.

4. If you remember earlier I was explaining how crystal quartz was a stone used to amplify other energies? You can also take about 4-5 pieces of crystal quartz and lay them around the crystal you are trying to clear. And us this as a way to purify and recharge you crystal to Its purities and strength.

How Often Should You Cleanse Crystals?

I think these are all great methods to help the rid of other energies and purification. But when the question of how often arises, there is no telling how often you should cleanse your crystal, each and every one is different. Most cleansings can be done when you feel a sense of weakness. Or if placed in your home,  and when a get that heavy feeling.

You don’t need to be an expert to know when you feel this, you will know when that time is. It is often described by a heaviness.

Be cautious of those you let around you

Do you ever wonder how or why heavy energy ends up in the first place? Often times we may be under a ton of stress, or react to others in a nagative way, we may invite friends and family over,  or we may not spend much time home. These are all normal circumstances that everyone lives through. People may not nessesarily trying to harm you, but these are all great examples of stress, fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, and bad spirits come about. Cleanse your Space and Clear Out Negative Energy

So why not take what you CAN control into your hand and it can go along way. This may mean being more careful with who you invite over for lunch. It may mean keeping an uplifted environment by using the methods here in this post.

This may also mean practice speaking words of hope, courage, and positivity instead of words of fear, anger, and hate.

Its best to keep note and go about your day taking it one day at a time.


If considering healing crystals you want to clean the area before using them. This may mean giving them a nice soak in salt and water.

Use Wite Sage frankincense, Sandalwood, Myrrh to purify your home. Work corner to corner counterclockwise counting for the shadowed areas as well.

Cleanse any stones with a sunbath or moon bath.

Only give a thumbs up for positive frequencies to be entered in your space.

If you have anyother methods, or maybe I missed something please leave a comment down below. I hope you learned from this post, Thank you,