You might have seen these colorful beaded bracelets around town or maybe on a friend of yours! have you ever wondered what they are and how they are used? These are known as chakra bracelets. They have been worn and used for many years in places like India, but recently have been making a name for themselves in places like Paris and Los Angeles.

I feel like maybe even you to have wondered if they even work? Or maybe even how they work if they do right?

I recently saw one of my friends with one on and how he had no idea what it was used for, he just knew they were called “energy bracelets”. I got to thinking about how many others think these are just bracelets for aesthetics? Right I mean they are cool looking and probably match with your red shoes. or even a yellow top.

I’m writing this article to give you more clarity about these bracelets, their true intent, and how you can begin using them how they are supposed to be used. If you’re interested keep reading.


Who are they for?

If you are reading this right now, chakra bracelets are for you. why and how?

Chakra bracelets are for anyone, any age who Is interested in finding more balance in their lives mentally and physically. These chakra bracelets actually intended for the convenience of people who wanted more peace and serenity within themselves but didn’t want to carry a stone or even multiple to balance their energy.

Balancing chakras

Each and every one of us have 7 chakra energy points that are aligned perfectly with our spine  beginning at whats known as the “root chakra” and work their way up to whats known as the “sacral”  and the “solar plexus” fourth is the “heart chakra” and the “”throat”, “Third eye chakra” and finally the “crown chakra”. now, why is this important to you?

You see each one of these energy centers within your body has a responsibility, I’ll give you one example of an energy center and it’s purpose in your body.

The root chakra is responsible for our natural instincts like water balances, and that feeling you get when something feels Do chakra bracelets workwrong in a bad situation, helps you stay grounded, and provides natural energy for the body.

It’s important to understand that when your body’s root chakra is imbalanced you may experience physical and mental effects like depression, and lower leg aches and pains frequently.

Finding imbalances through your body can be beneficial for you in the future. You can check out one of my latest post on balancing chakras which will help you identify blockages through your body.


Color representation.

Each color stone on the bracelet has a different purpose and reason. There are 7 stones on each bracelet that represents each energy centers in the body.

  1. Red (root chakra)
  2. Orange(sacral chakra)
  3. Yellow(solar plexus)
  4. Green (Heart chakra)
  5. Blue (Throat Chakra)
  6. Indigo (Third eye chakra)
  7. Dark purple (Crown chakra)

Color representation might vary slightly but almost are all in this color pattern. These are chakra stones that are best paired with that center. Red might be a stone to help find balance in the root chakra but might actually be brown or even gray with a slight hint of grey.



If your interested in learning about powerful top picks when it comes to chakra stones

click here to read my post on chakra stones and crystals.

Using bracelets

Using bracelets are used for more than just aesthetic purposes as you can see now. If you have your bracelet I always recommend start with cleansing, because you don’t want anyone else past energy conflicting with yours, this can cause blockages and imbalances.

You can begin by placing sea salt and water into a non-metal bowl or cup, leaving your bracelet in the water overnight letting the stones clean with a soak.

Do chakra bracelets work

If you decide you don’t want to cleanse your bracelet this way, feel free to try these other two ways.

You can also achieve this cleansing process with a simple moon bath, or placing your bracelet over incense.

Always set your stones intentions. Its simple don’t over complicate it. After learning your chakra symbols and meanings within your body

, Identifying blockages and cleansing your chakra bracelet, set intentions for each one. For example one of the 7 stones might be rose quartz which is a paired with the heart chakra. Identifying an imbalance like jealousy is also associated with the heart chakra. Now after knowing this, you can apply this rose quartz to heal your jealousy by setting its intention.

Start by placing your bracelet in your right hand and reciting I Intend on (rose quartz___) to open the heart chakra and heal all jealousy)

You can repeat this process with each one when comfortable.


Where to get them?

I’m sure you can find them In your local stone, crystal, spiritual shop. You may be able to find them at local pop up shops, online is also another chakra bracelets work

Item: Chakra bracelet

Price: $15.00 -$35.00

Cheapest buy:

Size: Adjustable 8mm



Yes, chakra bracelets work, just first be sure to:

  1. Understand chakra centers in the body
  2. Your bracelets stones, and how they are best paired with your body
  3. Cleansing the chakra bracelets
  4. Recite your intention, making sure the stones are aligned
  5. Style with all your favorite clothes, and have fun with it.