Item of review: Gaiam premium print yoga mat.

Measurements: 68 inch x 24inch x 5/6mm

Cheapest place to purchase:

Price:$28.25 ( at the moment)

Rating: 4.3 / 5




When It comes to meditation, the Gaiam mat Is your bread and butter. Of course, you need yourself but, If you were wondering whats next? It would be something as small as a meditation mat such as the Gaiam. It usually doesn’t phase people, how having such a un-needed mat might change your life.

That’s a bold statement .. tell me about It, but this comes from the mouths of people who are already in the wellness habit, and practice daily or even twice a day. Could this be speaking towards you? Do you meditate daily? are you looking for extra cushion during chakra meditation, because the hardwood floor isn’t cutting it? Or maybe you love the outside breeze but hate the ants!

You deserve to be comfortable during your meditation practices! I promise after reading this post you will not be able to meditate without having a Gaiam meditation mat.

Why the Gaiam?

For a $29.98 you really can’t beat this especially when It’s being compared to others like the manduka yoga mat the runs for $54+ dollars.

The Gaiam yoga mat is specially made with you and me in mind! , get a thick and non-slip surface mat which means:

Extra wanted comfort during your meditation time, or any other floor exercise you use It for. This is great already because I know this is the key to staying focused during practice and exercise time. Especially If your meditating every day of the week, this is huge because you want to be motivated when It comes time to step on your Gaiam mat.

Who says Its just a meditation mat? you can use this for meditation practices such as yoga, pilates, and other physical exercise practices. Not to get off track here but I know that some of you are also involved with more than just meditation, and this can really benefit you in the long run.

In addition to the extra thick and non-slip surface, the Gaiam is ls super lightweight, weighing in at less than 3.4 pounds in comparison to the Manduka EKo – Pro is 4-8 pounds.

To know you’re contributing to a non-toxic world is just a little benefit that can go along way. Gaiam yoga mat is free of the Phthalates DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP and DNOP. Giving you something else to smile about!

Bonus: When you buy the Gaiam yoga mat through you also get a free YOGA CLASS which comes included with the mat. This can be great if your looking to get started, but don’t know where to start.

Another plus in my book is knowing there are 24+ different styles and colors to choose from. This Is great to know before actually trying to buy a mat, and you realize they’re all boring.

What are some reasons someone wouldn’t buy the Gaiam?

When you put the Gaiam yoga mat next to others like Manduka, there are only a few qualities that really stick out to me. Here they are.

1. There are warnings to too much sun, unlike the manduka the Gaiam may begin to fade and leave you with less of a gripping overtime.

2. When placed next to mats like the Manduka, you begin to ask yourself where your money back guarantee is.

Now If you aren’t too worried about sun exposure or a money back guarantee, you’d be more than happy with your own yoga mat.

Can you see It?

Do you meditate(or plan to begin) regularly? Do you exercise like me?can this help you with any joint or back pain through your practice? Do you want to be more focused and motivated when It comes time to (lay, exercise) begin your practice? Can you see yourself sitting down with your chakras in your hands the wind crashing? You’re In a more focused state of mind because you’re comfortable. You can lay down because you don’t have to worry about bugs crawling on you because of your no longer on grass, but instead your “sacred land”. This mat can go with your literally anywhere and everywhere. You finish with your practice and you can roll it up and easily put it away. It’s a simple 1-2-3 process.

what are others saying?


Theresa R.

5.0 out of 5 stars:Nice!!!
“Love this mat beautiful colors and very comfortable I take it with me to all my classes don’t like to use what other people sweat on lol”



Linda Marcelli

5.0 out of 5 stars:Good quality
“Love this Mat Good quality.”



5.0 out of 5 stars:Grippy Mat Does Not Slip!
June 1, 2017Color: Marrakesh|Verified Purchase
“I’m the type of person who reads a lot of reviews and agonizes over every purchase. Plus I noticed some reviews said that they had problems with slippage on this mat so I was very hesitant but I needed a mat so I took a chance. This mat is as nice as a brand name yoga mat I received as a gift many years ago. And is just like the mats at the yoga center.

It does not slip and has a nice grip to it. I have absolutely no complaints and am quite happy with it. Plus it’s a bit thicker than regular mats which helps my aging body a lot on wood floors. It lies completely flat on the floor and the color is pretty and much like what my monitor depicted. Go ahead and buy it! :)”



Recap of what you’re getting with the Gaiam.

I hoped you are confident if this is the one for you.

What can you expect from this mat?

  • Gaiam premium print yoga mat
  • Extra thick, while keeping its light weight.
  • Non-slip
  • Can use for meditation practices and more.
  • Sticky texture
  • Non-toxic PVC yoga mat.

Click this link now and it will you to the amazon web-page where you can click the yellow add to cart button. From there you can enter your mailing information to receive your Gaiam premium yoga mat as well as your FREE YOGA CLASS.

Hope you enjoy,