Do you think you may be depressed? Often times we don’t know how we are effected by depression. This feeling comes Healing crystals for depressionabout and strips us of our happiness, and our personality too.

You are not in this alone. I know I have been bitten by the bug, and It is not fun at all.

Although there may be many reasons for depressions I will go over highly effective stones that can assist you to becoming more of yourself, and get passed a depressed state of mind.

Most say “heal the heart chakra” , but I will go over more than just the heart chakra, becasue I feel like there are more than just the love energy chakra that can have us under this gloomy cloud.

What is causing your depression?

Working your way to uplifting and positve thought patterns is possible with crystals. In fact most charkra “experts” might say you need crystals that aid in healing for the heart. And I do feel this is correct. Depending on you anyway. This may not be the case for someone who is being hard on themsleves for not being able to express themself how they would like to.


You are left wiht a natural sadness from not being able to competely express youslef, and a crystal like turquise can help with self expression. Helping you with getting past this negative thought pattern.

Here is the thing I feel this really is not always a easy question of what stone , instead a question of what is causing this pain? And refelcting from your answer. Once you have an understanding of what may be causing the ache in your life. You should then begin working from there and finding the crystals that are best suited for you.

Three enrgy centers that may be causing depressionHealing crystals for depression

We each have 7 main energy centers which completes us from our natural food and water instics to connecting with higher wisdom.

All 7 are verry important for their verry own reason and understanding this helps for balance in your day to day life. Although I boldly feel like most cases of depression are caused from three of the same factors in life.


  1. Love(not receiving love and not giving love in return)
  2. Self doubt(not feeling you are good enough)
  3. Oppressing ideas and thoughts

These fall into the catagory of three energy centers through your body being 1.The heart chakra(Love) 2. Solar plexus (Self beleive and control) 3.Throat chakra(expression of self)

Balance in your life

These are just a 3 of the 7 chakra energy centers in your body that can help you fight depression.

Do you ony work these points? NO!

Although I do feel like these are the most important in this specific case, you want to be able to find a balance that works for you in every chakra cenrter through your body. I usualy say not to wait till times you receive symptoms to begin healing.

Instead make this a life style and enjoy wearing necklaces and braclelts, but also practice meditation.

There is no one chakra center for ” healing depression”( in most cases). So you have to take this one day at a time and try focusing on the good that is currently in your life. What can this be for you?

Finding alignment

Healing crystals for depression

Blocked energy in your energy points is caused by stress. An axample of this can be your heart chakra. You are in a constant battle within yourslef on hate and jelously twards someone, this could be a “friend” that is causing you to have these feelings. Now you have to figured out what energy center in your body creates these feelings of jelousy.

Il give you the answer. This is directly infuenced by the heart chakra. And once alligned you begin to release hate this negative feeling of jelousy towards this friend.

Not only this,but you begin looking at ways to enjoy this person being around you.

This is one mirrir example and can be an axample of once peice of the entire depression puzzle you might be facing.

Refelct on your feelings and begin pointing out what may be causeing negative emotions in your body. Sounds easier said than done, but I beleive in you!


Reflextion and healing with meditation for depression.Healing crystals for depression

You know what is casuing this stuggle in yourself. Now what? Meditation is a great tool that has been used for years and has only become more popular for self reflection, ease of mind , relaxation, inner peace, spiritual battles, higher concousness, and rid of pain, anxiety and depression.

Pairing a energy point like the solor plexus chakra helps for a number of reason one of them being self reflection. Opeing your mind for self reflection can help understanding yourself with the intention of making positive changes.

I love using the golden tigers eye stone. Which can quite your mind being able to focus on what matters most to you. And can be a great stone for acheiveing.

As you practiceing understanding your slef using the tigers eye stone, use stones that are subject to what you are focused on.  An example would be carnelian for the creativity. Obviosly this differs to you and what is creating this cloud of sadness. If a lack of creativness is the reason, then by all means.

Crystals that aid depressionHealing crystals for depression

Although everyone is different and what makes you happy might not mean much to me and what means the most to me might not be what you are looking for, I love crystals because they play different roles for everyone elses life. Although can make a huge impact in towards the direction you plan to take.

Here are some of my reccomendations for crystals that may help in surpassing depression and begin healing in self expression, love, hope, encouragement towards yourself, taking your next step and look for the postive in your life.

  • Rose Quartz is a verry powerful love stone , and can highly impact your love life. This crysal opens the heart aleviates anger, fear, jelousy, hate, anomosity of any sort. And begins replacing your negative energies into love. This is a very beautiful stone and can help with attracting “the one” and giving and receivng love in different forms, Read more on the heart chakra and how you can open this energy here
  • Sodalite – Is commonly refered to as the “poets stone” helping you to say what you want to say the best way it can be said. The Sodalite crystal gives you an increase in rationality, mental clarity, and is even said to increase your intelligence. Because this stone will help piece together feelings and thoughts in a way that makes sense to you. Like trying to peice together a puzzle this stone wil help you make sence of the big picture and this can mean finding the end goal in mind. This stone is primarily a throat chakra stone
  • Tigers Eye Aids in the rid of doubt, anziety, fears for failure wihtin yourslef. This is a stone of action that is powerful for getting past all fears an creating a encouraging headspace for getting things done this can mean work, this can mean acheiving goals in your personal life. Its named tigers eye to help emower yourslef and that is important,because who else can we control? This stone is very powerful and can be paired with the solar plexus as well as sacral and root.
  • Clear quartz is super powerful connecting all of chakra enery centers together. You can use the clear quarts to magnify the energy of other stones when paired, which is why this is one of my favorite stones. On top of the fact that this stone can be used with all of the 7 energy centers. Pair this with the crown chakra for higer wisdom, or pair with the third eye for insights and develop natural phycic abilities.


I do feel like crystals are very important and can really help with getting past the negative emotions and thought patterns. I will also say that I do not condone only using crystals or even oils for depression. And just note that It might be best in addition to crystals to undergo medical attention.

Remeber to relflect on how you feel, and and adjust accordingly. Use meditation with crystals to not just reflect, but to relax, get rid of anxiety and depression, focus, clear your mind and grow in ways you never thought possible.

Dont wait until to know if you are 100 percent in a sunken place to begin healing, instead make meditation and chakra crystals part of your daily life, and something to look foward to.

Use the stones above to begin healing with giving and receiving love, begin saying what you mean and mean what you say, and slef doubt wich can help you past your current hurrdles.

Leave a comment down below in the comment section letting us know how you go about fighting the bug?