Are you looking for love? Maybe a partner or,  you are looking to receive empathy from others? Giving love might help you how to open the heart chakraattract love like flies on rice. And soon you will notice small signs of your positive energy towards others and this can affect how open you are to receiving love.

If you are looking to spark more love in your life, just like me you will find that stones help.

Layering stones threw your daily meditation routine, having jewelry, and lovely home decorations can help you turn any anger, jealousy, or animosity and govern more loving energy for you and from others.

Crystals for love

Crystals like Rose quartz, Rhodocrosite, Moonstone, Blue Lace Agate, Garnet, Jade, and Emerald. These are all prime examples of stones that can help you by attracting love, spread caring emotions, and heal you from past experiences in curing good behaviors like empathy for others.

this isn’t it there are physicalities that are aided with stones such as healing of the lungs, blood pressure, and drops high cholesterol levels. 

The more you know the more they work is a fact. Because crystals like Amethyst and Crystal Quartz can regulate the energy from the crystals and can amplify the energy,

In fact: When you pair Rose quartz with crystal quartz this greatly enhances the energy of love.

But if you have a huge Piece of Garnet as a home decoration. You may need a piece of Amythest for proper regulation Because this may be overpowering others energy.

Jewels to open the heart chakra

We all have some friends or family that we don’t see eye to eye with. Before we let our disconnect become greater it may be a good Idea to carry a piece of jewelry like a bracelet or necklace and earnings to help regulate your energy. Outside of your natural habitat of comfort.

What do I mean?

We’re going to a party and know there is a chance of uncomfortable. Have a bracelet on as a reminder of love and a healing that will change the energy at the moment.

You can find Emerald necklaces, rose quartz bracelets, or green Eventuite jewelry. That can help you when times like this are to come up. This might be more often than we know it. Be sure to reflect on how you fill when you are around friends and family. And put your stones to work.

Home decor with stones

Do you love being home and choose to invite others over instead of going out? Grab the biggest piece of Rose quartz and how to open the heart chakraplace it near your bed, or near the door, a table centerpiece can be beautiful and will have others asking you where you got it because they love the colors.

This can be a nice centerpiece but more importantly, you will be regulating the energy that enters your home. You will be receiving more love. And you can be comfortable knowing only gratitude, love, openness, is filling your home.

Not only this but you will be filled with love and empathy. This is important because if we can begin a loving process at home. When time is spent with others, you will already be in a great headspace and have an open heart coming from a healthy environment that was set at home.

Meditation with stones

let’s not forget to meditate because this is a short-term and a long-term practice that will bring you joy and release fear and hate with replacement almost instantly. Although this is a long-term exercise for well being. You can benefit instantly with a change of attitude and more to open the heart chakra

How to meditate?

As I love to say there is no wrong or right way to meditate only wrong if you don’t begin!

You can begin without any crystals but obviously, it’s you can build more love with a stone. But begin with finding a quiet place with no interruption. Take a seat on a chair or seated criss-cross. Relax your shoulders, belly, arms, and legs well keeping nice posture with your back straight and your head in a 90-degree angle facing forward or upwards.

With eyes closed, I love to visualize myself in 3rd person. Today we are focused on the heart gaining more love right?

So visualize Green beam of energy or light filling your heart. (This is the color that represents the heart chakra.)

This is the simplest form that can be done. Do not over complicate it. If you have a crystal great keep it in your left hand or your recessive hand during practices.


This exercise can be completed for 10-15minsutes with focus on the heart.


What a mantra can help you keep focus with vibrations that are matching at the same frequency of your chakras

The hearts mantra is YAM

This sounds like “YAAAAMMMM” 

Repeat this during your meditation practice and you will feel more focused closing off other sounds. Bridging the gap between you and an unbalanced heart chakra. Allowing you to re-aligning the heart chakra.

Layering oils, candles, incents of your interest.

There are so many extras you can add to the crystal meditation. These ways can range from essential oils and mantras to how to open the heart chakraincents, candles and affirmations.

These are all great ways to adding an extra bang to the healing process. I always recommend starting with stones and you can add any of these into your practice rituals to layer your healing.

Some essential oils that are great paired with your heart chakras are:

Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Chamomile, Rosemary Jasmine, Angelica, Hyssop, Melissa, Rose, Neroli, and Frankincense.

And you can always go a step further and look into diffusers for a handsfree experience. This can be great for a healthy sleep aiding in relaxation, adding moister into the air clearing up sinuses, and having nice sents to your day on top of realigning your heart chakra.


Remember you have to give more or what you want. This will help you with care and love you have on others. They will notice your actions and will soon be generous towards you.

Use stones like Rose quartz, Jade Emerald, Blue Lace Agate to begin finding balance in your heart chakra and the outcome will be greater than you imagined. Carry these stones with you, use jewels, and alluring home decorations that help regulate your energy and others around you.

Meditation with crystals can have powerful effects on your short term and long term. Keep finding new ways to share your love with others and you will receive love in return.

Have fun and add layers to your well-being with essential oils diffusers, incents and more.

View crystals like Rose quartz and green aventurine here.