Let’s begin first by getting familiar with the root chakra. If you are interested in finding balance It’s in your best interest to get familiar with your energy location, color association, and begin Identifying blockages in the body. This post sole intent is to help you get a familiar with your body’s energy center and how you can begin balancing your root chakra.

I will go over the root chakra energy center, color association, body location, identifying the blockage in the root chakra, and help you through finding your preferred way of balancing the root.

Balancing the root chakra in my and many others opinions are the first chakra anyone and everyone should begin balancing. The root plays as a foundation in your 7 energy system, and just like building a house it’s best to begin at the root. And work your way up to the crown for an Ideal energy flow and balance through the entire system.

Let’s begin.

Root chakra associations:

Not to be confused this is also referred to as the Muladhara. This means “Root support”.

How- to- balance -the -root- chakra02

The root chakra is in charge of your most needed human instincts like survival instincts, water balance, food digestion, security, groundedness, shelter, and self-preservation.


The root chakra Is the first In your body that connects to the “Sacral” which is the second in the complete energy system. Identifying the position is great to know the entire system in correct order and ties in with location an color.


The root chakra is located at the base of the spine you can refer to the image on the right to get a better idea. Having an understanding is ideal for identifying blockage and healing practices.

Color: The root is best associated with the color red. Understanding the color of each chakra will only make your life easier when It comes to healing, crystal meditation, and balancing with natural foods. 

Symbols and meanings:

If you are interested in learning about the symbols and meanings I have created a post just focused on symbols of each of their meanings to get a familiarized.

Identifying blockages.

As time goes on your will begin to easily get each concept of blockages, today we’re breaking down the root.

Now back to the location, the root chakra is located near the base of the spine and with all imbalances you will receive natural signs of blockage two different ways

  1. physically
  2. emotionally/mentally

So because you now understand the location in your body you can begin with by identifying any problems or issues located near that center. Here I give you some examples of root chakra physical imbalances,  and this will help you get a better understanding.

  • ColonHow- to -balance -the -root- chakra02
  • Bladder
  • Lower Back pain
  • Rectum
  • Prostate issues
  • Eating disorders
  • Leg pain
  • knee pain

Emotional imbalances you may have  may consist of

  • Feelings of loneliness
  • Disconnected from the world
  • Laziness
  • Depression
  • Fear.

There is no order to any of these, your body might be showing you one of these imbalances or maybe all at the same time. Do any of these imbalances correlate with you? Yes?

Okay so by now I’m sure you’re wondering how you can begin the balancing phase?

After identifying any blockage in the root chakra small or large, You can beginning implementing the falling ways.

Finding balance with super-foods

There are a few ways to go about balancing chakras in any energy point within your body. You can go about this with chakra meditation, diet,(not as in go on a diet, but with your food consumption), and essential oils which you can also begin implementing with stones during meditation practice.

Let’s begin with healing stones and work our way into diet, and oils.

When you begin changing your eating habits it can be extremely helpful to you and your body. The foods I prefer to eat for balance, I like to call these “super foods” because they truly are. Each food has its own unique ability in addition to the healing effect they have on your chakras.

What foods can you begin consuming for balance in the root chakra? This is color association can be a big help for you because the big rule of thumb here is color. That is right, choosing superfoods for your root can be as simple as eating strawberries for breakfast. Other super-foods can consist of tomatoes, cherries, apples, and raspberries.

Some other options lie within eating foods such as proteins and sweet potato, red beans, steak, and eggs.

Try not to over complicate this, I’d recommend starting with whats easiest to remember. I think it is great to start with eating red whole foods or sticking to just fruits and veggies that are associated with the color red. These foods most naturally help us in staying grounded and connects us to earth when eaten. This is the most natural and cost less than oils and stones which is another personal reason why I got started with way. Not only that, but we have to eat regardless so why not mix these into our day for a healthy balance?

Next, we have healing stones and crystals.

Chakra meditation.

People have been using chakra meditation for years to not only aid in the bodies energy centers, but to also find serenity and more spiritual connection with the universe and their purposes as well. Many people overlook the ehh ” chakra meditation” often times and think that if they carry their stone in their pocket they will be okay. That’s not the case hate to break it to you. Jewelry is great but you want to spend a moment of time focusing your energy on the root and visualize openness, balance and an abundance of it to really find a healthy balance.

Don’t sweat it if you don’t know how to meditate. Begin with choosing a healing stone, and don’t worry about meditating the wrong way. Try just giving it a shot, and that is all that matters.

What stones should you use? I’m glad you asked!

Here are a few you can feel free, to begin with, but I recommend reading my chakra stones post for a better understanding of what I refer to as “the hunt” for your next stone. I also give you 7 of the most powerful stones listed for you. Let’s begin.

Where to begin: 

  • Bloodstones (Purifies the blood, the kidneys, and the spleen, this is a great detoxifying stone and it also aids in intuition with aiding inHow- to -balance -the- root- chakra creativity.)
  • Red carnelian is known as the motivation and the endurance stone. It aids in leadership and courage, promotes positive life choices and restores vitality.
  • Obsidian is a stone great for protection, absorbing negative energy, truth enhancing, blocking psychic attacks and can provide the gift of prophecy.
  • Red Jasper is a stone of health and passion and gives you the courage to face unjust situations in life. Red Jasper is great for grounding, strength, and stability.
  • Fire agate is best known as the spiritual flame. It’s great for rebalancing and harmonizing spirit, mind, and body. As well as cleansing and stabilizing your aura.
  • Tiger’s eye is the stone of a champion giving you fight every battle life throws at you. Just like a tiger aiding you in tackling and defeating task with complete strength and focus.

There are many more but take advantage of these because they are among some of the most powerful healing stones for the root.

Step 2:

Begin finding a quiet place, a relaxing place. No dogs no cats just you and your stone. Yes, you can light a candle or incense, How- to -balance -the -root- chakra04if it will help you find peace within.

After finding a quiet place begin with sitting in a comfortable position criss-cross applesauce just like the good ol’ days. (you may also lay down belly up) Back straight, chin up.

Sit with your chosen stone in hand, and If you are lying down you can begin laying the healing stone near the root chakra(base of spine) keep it placed right on top of you, or in hand.

You can begin closing your eyes, inhaling serenity and exhaling worry, fear, and all unwanted feelings.

Now focus on really settling down, relax your legs, belly, shoulders, and arms before we enter the next phase.

Once you are feeling relaxed enough begin with visualizing an abundance of “red” (the color associated with the root.) It’s flowing through your root chakra.

The mantra

Each chakra center has a mantra it is associated with. This works as an aid to balance your root chakra with finding the right frequency levels through your humming and its vibration. The mantra used for the root chakra is LAM. You can repeat this as (lllaaammmmmmm) for as long as your practice, and really feel a connection with your root chakra.

I suggest you really give the mantra a shot and see how you like it. From my experiences, It really helped with blocking out any background noise and really focus on the root. This may be the same for you, or you may suggest using crystals.

Great, that’s really it for the meditation part not too bad huh? You can repeat this as many times as you’d like for 4- 5 minutes and begin increasing your duration with time and practice. The important part is getting comfortable and really visualize the color association during your practice. Digging for a deep state of relaxation begin to really feel the vibration of your used mantra. If you’d like to learn more about chakra meditation click here for one of my latest post on chakra meditation, It will help you a ton and has chosen mantras for each of your chakra centers.

You can use this in different variations with oils and affirmations to reach optimal energy openness in the root chakra.

Essential oils.

Finding balance with essential oils can be very helpful and you can begin with your healing processes instantly. How can essential oils help you? Essential oils have been used in the past for both internal and external wounds, focus, headaches, arthritis, sleep, depression, acne, bug bites, and even sunburn. You can rely on essential oils for almost anything and everything.

Here are some oils you can begin using for root balance.

  • Sandalwood is great for the mind and can aid in clarity, as a memory booster, relaxation, as well as an anti-How -to -balance -the -root -chakra- 05inflammatory. Rub sandalwood near the root chakra (lower half of the body)and begin root healing process.
  • Rosemary is my main babe shes great at fighting cancer, getting rid of deadly bacteria in your body, assist in brain health, and can even assist in hair regrowth. Give rosemary a chance and you will love her too.
  • Ginger is treating is powerful for digestive issues in the body, relieves respiratory issues, and can even dissolve kidney stones. That’s what I call powerful right there.
  • Rosewood works as a stress reliever, heals wounds and can even treat colds. This may not sound super, but you and I both know how much a cold can be a pain.

Because this is your root chakra were talking about you can rub any of these oils as close as possible to the base of your spine. If you are not comfortable you can also apply as close as possible to the root or hips. If you have any of the physical imbalance symptoms you can also apply where you are having pain or problems.

Take any of these essential oils and apply them to your life you will be stunned to find these are really powerful ways to get through any imbalance in your physical or emotional life. If you’d like to read more about essential oils check out were to apply essential oils and find different ways to apply them to your daily life.

Sunken place

Don’t wait for yourself to have these symptoms for you to begin using super-foods, oils or stones to find balance. Begin as soon as you get the chance and reap the benefits as soon as you can. You will feel better and can continue with balancing the sacral. Remember without the root there will be imbalances throughout your whole body which can lead to devastating pains and aches through the rest of your body.

Although there may be more that one form of healing technique, always choose what is comfortable for you to start with. And at the same time don’t think you have to stay using only one way. You can try all at the same time, or even just one and move the direction that best suits you.

Begin building your house today one chakra at a time.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this post I hope you enjoyed. Please let other know some other oils and stones you prefer for finding the greatest balance in your root chakra, or how you go about finding balance. You can leave a comment down below. Thank you again,