Are you here to learn how to heal your sacral chakra? Of course, you are that is EXACTLY why you are here. The sacral chakra is just as important as the first and the third, so finding a balance of health is a must to continual growth in your energy system.

Jeeze I know just how much of a pain It can be knowing your sacral might be blocked up, so I went ahead and created this post just for you. You will learn my step by step system to find the:

  1.  Functions of sacral
  2.  The position of the chakra
  3.  The location,
  4.  Identifying your biggest un-balances.
  5. The most effective methods to take 100% of your energy today!

It is always best to get an understanding of what you are actually working with to make it easier on you when time to heal this energy center. This goes for all 7 major energy centers your body.

In fact, I would say It’s like trying to lose weight without a scale! You need to keep track and keep an eye on this huge factor within your body that isn’t the easiest to “measure” in the first place. If you haven’t by now, check out the last post on healing your root chakra. Why?

Because it’s best to start with the root chakra in a sequential order for the best results. If you were a growing plant, you would need to grow from the root. And It is very important to treat your chakra energy system the same. Begin healing your root chakra so you can always be growing, moving forward and never backward! … I’m glad that makes sense to you

How does blockage happen?

People just like you an I often times wonder how blockage happens in the first place? Just like everything else in the universe, your body consists of energy which is separated into chakras. When your sacral chakra is out of alignment this simply means It’s not letting energy in or out. Creating an unhealthy balance throughout your body.

Whats the sacral chakra?


The sacral chakra governs the role of the creator in your daily life. You depend on the sacral chakra to help drive and motivate all your biggest desires. You also rely on the sacral to influence your deepest sexual desires, emotions, and movement. Which is usually responsible for producing your estrogen, and or testosterone being produced through your body. This is important to know when it comes down to identifying unhealthy unbalances in your sacral.

Also more commonly known as the Swadhisthana, which means “one’s own base” being second close to the root, but still how to heal the sacral chakravery much needed for all natural unconscious emotional desires. Don’t get confused during your research, you may run into one or another. I love keeping explaining to you in the simplest form, naming it the English term.

Position: The position of the sacral is second in place between the 1.Root chakra, and 3. Solar Plexus. Keep moving forward on your healing journey and make sure you understand which chakra point your working with and what position it play’s.

Location: Physical location is 3-4 fingers below your navel. Near the genital area. This will also be important when it comes to healing methods. Whether it is with the use of stones, diet, crystals, or essential oils.

Color association: Orange is the color of that best represents the sacral. Finding the color association is best for meditation visualization exercises. You will also need to understand color association for healing with foods and energy consumption.

Whether you have your mind set to one healing method or not. Take 100% of your energy into your hands and study the function, position, location, and color of each energy point and stay on your toes when it comes to your health.

Identifying un-balance in the Sacral

Are you ready to move on to identifying imbalances through your body? This might scare you a bit, I remember when I was reading on unbalances symptoms and I got creeped out. It was crazy seeing how many of these same un-balances I had throughout my body that were all connected in some way or another.

I freaked out a bit which was the WRONG way to go about it!

So my best advice to you my friend is to embrace each and every symptom, begin with the root moving forward( ascending) and not backward(descending), and focus on one energy center for a set amount of time. This can be a set 4 min during meditation, and move on to the next energy center. you can also focus one particular center for a particular day.

“The healing process” should really never have an end. It’s great to carry this into your life as if it was a lifestyle because it really is.

Before we begin I think it is important to know that with all energy imbalances- blockages, your body will give you a sign in 1 and or 2 ways.

  1. Physically
  2. Emotionally- Mentally

How can you tell if your sacral is blocked and needs healing?

Physically might be a little easier, but here are a different variety of ways to tell if you have an unbalanced sacral chakra

  • Any urinary pains/ aches or problems of any sort. Especially if you have tried taking care of any urinary issues in the past how to heal your sacral chakra10that keep reappearing.
  • Kidney infections.
  • Constipation.
  • Lower back pain. Does it come and go?
  • Menstruation and issues with regulation.
  • Impotency and Infertility.
  • No sexual desires or appetite for intercourse

As for the emotional symptoms, this may range in a more less noticeable way. But I will try my hardest to provide you with some valuable ways.

  • Feelings of unwanted.
  • Feelings of no creativity.
  • Motivation is usually driven from a healthy sacral chakra, If no feeling to achieve anything, this may be from an unhealthy sacral.
  • Unpleasant sexual desires might impact you and your partners leading to a dysfunctional relationship or many in the past.
  • Feelings of sluggishness and stuck in life.
  • Feelings of loneliness, even if you are not.
  • You often feel like nobody loves you, in which this is not the case, but just emotional imbalances.

Great, I’m glad if you have been able to identify any of these symptoms. Now is not the time to be discouraged by any means. This is a better way to look at it. You are one step closer to finding balance in any of these areas in your life. If you really want this change you can have it but you have to bear with me here.

Let’s move forward.

Chakra stones

Before I really get into this I suggest you check out one of my more recent post on chakra stones and crystals. This will help you with picking your next stone. Briefly goes over my method for what I refer to as “the hunt”. Check that out If you choose the crystal method is for you.

Some of the most powerful stones used with the sacral are noticeably orange. That is also the color best represents with the energy center Itself. One of my personal favorites for the sacral is the Carnelian stone. 

You can also check a few of these out and see how you resonate with them.

  • Sunstone- encourages enthusiasm and aids in a more optimistic outlook on life. Helps with increasing confidence and how to heal the sacral chakra 03self-worthiness. You can also look forward to a reduction in stomach tensions, ulcers, and sore throats.
  • Citrine – This is great for healing thyroid glands and bladder infection or diseases. You can look forward to a natural self- improvements- self-inspiration and a natural healing from this powerful stone.
  • Yellow/orange amber- Aids in ease of your stress levels. Amber stones help you rid of phobias and fears that are holding you back in any manner. Amber will help you in balancing your emotions and clear your mind of any negativity. Gives you the power of manifestation.
  • Orange aventurine- Is another great stone that can aid with manifestation and power control. This is a great stone for increasing optimism and self-confidence. This stones will also aid in more creative abilities.
  • You can even use Tiger’s eye which is used a bit more often for the root but can be used for your sacral as well. Tiger’s eye gives you a strong sense of encouragement for achieving goals and accomplishments in your life.

You may notice that a few of these have very much in common like manifestation and self-inspiration. That is just because these stones are perfectly aligned for the sacral chakra. Which gives you these issues that might be spread across the board.

You will have to pick one that resonates with you and your blockages within your body. Depending on your needs and your purpose for the stone.

Getting the most out of stones and crystals. I’ve said it one and I’ll say it again. Jewelry is great, but if you’re not meditating with your stone, you are not getting the most out of It. I wear jewelry myself. But taking the time out of your day will only optimize your healing capabilities.

Read the post on chakra meditation.

MEDIATION 101( simplified) Click the link above for more info!

Begin finding a quiet place away from any distractions. You can choose a quiet room or even a park is nice.

Begin with sitting down in criss-cross applesauce. Yes just like the old days. (haha)how-to-heal-the-sacral-chakra02

Carry your chosen stone in the left hand. Or your recessive hand. This symbolizes all repressive behaviors in your body. This can translate to(weak).

I like to keep my head facing upwards you can do the same or just at a 90-degree angle is perfectly okay.

Close your eyes and relax your arms, shoulders, belly, and legs.

Keep your focus on the sacral position of your body, and visualize and abundance of the color orange. This is the color that is represented with the sacral. Orange is a beam of energy flowing through your sacral chakra. Keep focused on this well entering a deep state of comforts.

Inhale self-confidence, power control, creativity, well exhaling scarcity, fear, lack of confidence. keep your find focused on the positive energy you are receiving with every breath you take.

Add the mantra VAM. This is pronounced like “vaaaammmmmmmm”.

The second mouthed exercise you can use during meditation can be affirmations. An affirmation is a form of motivational support and encouragement. Begin by saying “I feel my sacral chakra opening” 

Trial and error but there is no wrong way to meditate so try what resonates with you most.

You can repeat this exercise for 4 – minutes a day(If you are healing multiple energy center) or 10- 15 minutes a day if you are focusing on just this energy center.

Super- Foods for the sacral

How can foods can help you heal your sacral chakra? whole foods are not only good for you because they are typically lower in calories, but eating healthier whole foods that are best paired with your sacral is another way to aid in balance within your body and radiates into your daily life.

These foods like oranges and carrots have natural antioxidants and fibers that are not only really great for our body but aid how-to-heal-the-sacral-chakra06in your energy flow throughout your body.

What foods are the best for healing the sacral chakra? The color of the day is orange! You can eat sweet potato, carrots, oranges, mango, peaches, salmon, pumpkin persimmons, and even omega 3. Keep orange and, and these will help you work your way to a healthier and more balanced sacral alignment.

Why should you consider eating to a balanced chakra?

This is one of the most cost less and natural ways to find balance in your life, plus we are consuming calories anyway right?  Let’s keep it whole and impact our bodies in a positive way. Something else to keep in mind is, How long will you be waiting when eating your way to a healthier sacral? not that long! your body is instantly digesting each good property these foods have, leaving you with only good attributes.

Why wouldn’t you begin making this part of your day?

Essential oils with the sacral chakra

What are these oil? Finding balance with essential oils is yet again an amazing and very impactful method for balance. This can be as simple as applying rosemary oils near your sacral chakra, and benefit instantly. Yes Instantly.

How can they help you? Essential oils have been used for a ton of good through the years and years to come. E. Os’ help people like you and I with metabolic issues, respiratory issues, fight cancer, kidney deceases, cure headaches, ulcers, focus and a ton more. From really broad topics to more narrowed healing properties.

Anything you need to heal, It can almost be done with essential oils. here are some that are great in alignment with sacra healing.

  • Ylang Ylang- has a positive effect on your blood flow, immune health, expressing your emotions and is considered a natural remedy for digestive health and well as cardiovascular, and your reproduction system. Ylang ylag is even considered an anti-depressant, and a sedative. This is great for an increase in sexual desires and high blood pressure.
  • Clary sage- Is used for some very similar benefits including being a natural antidepressant, effecting stress, and digestion. Clary sage is also great for reducing anxiety levels allowing you to remain in a calm to heal your sacral chakra08
  • Jasmine helps you take control of your emotions, well giving you more uplifting emotions and alleviated depression. You can expect to have a great night sleep if you are using jasmine. And can even forget using alcohol or ointments at the store because jasmine heals can heal your physical wounds as well.
  • Sandalwood- sedative, tonic substance and natural memory benefits. You can also expect natural antiseptic properties from the sandalwood as well.
  • Rose-Improves blood-related process in the body(blood flow) fights against depression, fights viruses, and enhances the strength of your skin tissues.

Find one that aligns best with you and stick to it. Does it resonate with you? How are you going to apply them to your life?

Getting the most out of essential oils might mean making an investment to get a humidifier! I find this a lot easier than having to apply oils to the body and love the thought of having a diffuser. This is up to you and how important healing is to you?

You might even prefer cheeking out essential oil kits, that are premixed just for you and your very own healing. You will enjoy knowing that instead of searching for the perfect oils, your life can be made easier with the Plant Therapy essential oil kit!

Hey, you can even meditate with essential oils daily. Stacking the potential!

My intentions for telling you this is to show you the many options you have that can impact you in a great way.

Video on sacral healing


I’m here to really help you grow and begin your healing process. Take every way that resonates with you an take it for a test drive. Don’t be afraid to give these different healing methods a try. And don’t be afraid to give all of them a shot at the same time.

I would say that although there may be different reasons or ways each of our chakras’ become unbalanced, we can control keeping them in a healthy frequency and vibration. Use these methods and make them yours. practice daily healing exercises, and don’t forget to heal in an ascending manner. starting from the root moving toward the sacral and solar plexus, so on and so forth.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I want to take the time out to say think you. Please share some of your favorite ways to heal your sacral down below in the comment section. Thank you again,