The power to speak your thoughts directly influence your words and creates the life you are living today, right now. Your how to open the throat chakrawords are really all you have besides your actions and even then. Actions are a mirror image of our thoughts and words.

Once you know how to take 100 percent of the powers and abilities to express yourself without fear of the outcome. You will feel the excitement. You will finally be in control, you will say what you mean and mean what you say. And If you haven’t already experienced this feeling you must.

This is the feeling of freedom. A feeling of greatness. There are only one of you in this world so you must to be able to express what you feel and think because nobody else will do this for you.

Well, it turns out this is a feeling you receive from the universe and its energy when your throat chakra is properly aligned. And it is vibrating at its correct frequency. Isn’t this exciting?

I’m going to show you 5 different ways you can balance your throat chakra with the most effective crystals like Lapiz Lazuli, applying an essential oil like Sandalwood and how eating some blueberries every once and a while can really help you not only express yourself but much more.

Keep reading.

Identifying blockages in your throat chakra

So what causes you from being able to express yourself in the first place?

This is known as blocked energy and typically happens when your energy center is under a ton of stress it tends to close up. And as a result no energy flow. (sad face)  But thank goodness that this “blockage ” leaves a symptom.

These symptoms allow you to catch the imbalance during the act, and if you’re lucky in the early stages.

Now because your throat chakra governs upper body duties like chest, throat area (obviously), ears, eyes, nose. These are the most common areas in your body you will be able to notice these symptoms.

This means:

  • Ear InfectionsHow to open up your throat chakra
  • Nasal Infections
  • Chest Colds
  • Sore Throats
  • Acne
  • Neck Pain

These(above) are some physical ways to tell. And you might have more success this way but there are other symptoms your body gives you. Some more mental or emotional ways that are still functioned ‘by the throat chakra and in this area of energy in your body.

Signs such as

  • Fear of what expressing yourself(fear of what you believe others will think)
  • Imbalances of self-expression through communication
  • Fear of no power( after expressing yourself)
  • Fear of no control( During or after expressing yourself)

Do you have any of these emotional fears and?

Healing with your Crystals How to open the throat chakra

Crystals have Natural minerals and properties that radiate at energy levels the very same as our body’s. When our bodies are out of alignment having crystals by outside can aid in balance and this is usually the beginning of most peoples healing lives.

Like having a good friend to help you out when times get rough is how my stones help me and can help you the same way. I enjoy looking forward to a positive change that I am making in my life, that is why I am such an advocate of stones. Because you can physically remind me to grow in this new direction. And crystals play this role in my life as well as their vibration and energy aiding in my life. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, or just the raw crystal.

Crystals for Throat Chakra consist of  crystals such as 

  • Azurite– Consist of copper minerals which helps you with creativity, can help you keep focused during work or study time, helps with intuition. This can also be used by you as a great way to replace negative thought patterns with a positive outlook. Azurite is also said to connect you more spiritual wisdom.
  • Lapiz lazuli–  A metamorphic crystal containing and mostly is used for connecting you’re to higher consciousness opening intellectual capabilities, honesty, deep form of communication, and can help you during rocky times in your relationship bringing love and harmony over within you. You can also expect for physical healing like the natural healing of vocal chords, eyesight, lowering blood pressure, hearing loss, and nasal issues.
  • Turquoise– consist of hydrated phosphate, aluminum, and copper. It is said that the Turquoise can heal the entire body but that is mainly intensely used with the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra. This is a great stone for metaphysical healings such as asthma, high blood pressure, body detox, radiation healing, alcohol poisoning. Not only that but this is a natural communication stone so can aid you in singing, public speaking, expressing yourself more emphatically and lovingly.
  • Amazonite -will help you bridge the gap between the thoughts and words, the amazonite is also commonly referred to as the “hope stone” because it is said to produce hope in self-stimulating you to speak words of wisdom with courage. The amazonite is another great stone for the rejected radiation we may receive from our phones in today’s age.
  • Sodalite – Is commonly pointed to as the “poets stone” helping you to say what you want to say the best way it can be said. The Sodalite crystal gives you an increase in rationality, mental clarity, and is even said to increase your intelligence. Because this stone will help piece together feelings and thoughts in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Blue Kyanite -Is good for aligning all chakras in your body, meditate with blue kyanite for psychic abilities. provides you with a deep relaxing state of mind, helps you speak the truth, honesty, higher inspiration, aids in healing broken bones, and recharge your energy.

Mantras and affirmations for alignment

Using these stones during meditation can and will help you reach a higher state of consciousness, honesty, mental clarity, and rationalityHow to open the throat chakra. If you are wondering how at this point this is because these stones can be paired with more than just the throat chakra. and as you ascend towards the crown chakra you are ascending into the realms of spiritual awareness and leaving moving away from the root and your grounding energies.

As you practice with meditation you can begin to implement mantras and affirmations that help you connect, and increase the frequency with your natural vibrations. ( a word like love repeated for concentration typically used in meditation)

A Mantra is a sound like OM being that can also help regulate your chakra energy with the vibration of your hum.

Each energy point in your body has a mantra that is used during meditation. The mantra used for the throat chakra is: HAM

This sounds like “HHHHAAAAAAAAMMMMM” remember this is only effective when repeated.

Meaning: If you just say ham once during your practice this will not work for you.

But when you do this will help balance the throat chakra and potentially give you a natural voice energy, healing your throat chakra vocal chored, honesty, allowing you to speak with love, energy, and not fear what failure.


When it comes to affirmations this can go all different directions. (Affirmations are also repeated usually to yourself )

affirmations are always used for a positive assertation. I will not go into the entire practice but will leave this here.

some affirmations that are great for opening the throat chakra are as simple as

“I am confident with expressing myself”

“I am speaking the truth”

“I feel my throat chakra open” 

“I feel my throat chakra is balanced “

If you can see the pattern for one they are all towards yourself, and two they are all leading to positive returns.


Eating your way to balance

Food as we all know it has a huge impact in our body’s which directly affect our energy and trickles into our daily lives. And the goal here is to attract more of what we want right? Right! This is pretty simple I promise I won’t bore you with crazy information on eating healthy. Instead, we want to focus on eating the right colored foods. Although it won’t be ice cream and cake.

You will be eating foods that match the color of your throat chakra’s energy, This is the color blue

This mean:

You want to begin eating more whole foods such as blueberries,  Acai berry’s, and… Blue cheese? ( haha)

I mean there isn’t a ton of blue foods but I think you’re getting the point.

Using Essential oils.

Yes, essential oils always make for the perfect addition to a meditation practice. In fact, Essential oils can be used withoutHow to open the throat chakra crystals their so powerful, but why not use them together for your benefit?

Oils are great. All you really have to do is rub your choice of oil near your chosen place for healing, and instantly feel the energy.

Oils like Frankincense are used every day as antiseptics and an antidepressant to bring change energy with aroma scents. You may get around using alcohol and peroxide using Sandalwood and Jasmine for their physical healing properties.

Some of the best stones that are used for healing with the throat chakra are oils like:

  • Neroli
  • Rose
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Jasmine
  • Frankincense
  • Sandalwood

Try one rubbing one of these chosen oils on or around the chest- neck area, and feel the creep of natural confidence kick in allowing you to breathe better, speak out on your truth, and speak with intention. You will love it!


Don’t forget this!

Remember that there are only one of you in this world. So you have to allow your words and your spirit to be dominant in your life. Its what makes you, you.

Speak your truth using these crystals and applying mantras and essential oils for a healthy balance in your throat chakra. And please do not wait till you receive one of these symptoms to get started on healing your throat chakra.

So how do you go about opening your throat chakra? Let us know in the comment section down below and this will be of great help as well. Thank you I hope you enjoyed,