How are you? I know you’re in a place of confusion right? Are you using them right is probably what your thinking? or maybe just trying to learn about the healing stone and chakra topic.

It’s simple! anyone, everyone can use stones and crystals for balancing energy through the body. In case you were wondering If you were using them the wrong way… I highly doubt it… Is there a more effective way? probably.

Here’s why! If you’re reading this right now chances are your human( hahaha) and have energy flowing through your body from the head to the tow, and outside your body as well. Now what these healing stones are essentially doing is aiding in balance and energy that might be blocked or imbalanced in any way.

So you have your stone and your ready where do you begin?


Start with a cleansing


I always suggest starting with a cleansing. This will erase any energy on it from the past, this is import

meditation practice with incense and chakra stones

and because it could’ve been in other peoples hands or shops, and you don’t want this energy to be intersecting with yours. It might not be aiding in balance with its full potential. There are a few ways you can go about cleansing your stones.

Here are some ways you can go about cleansing:

  • Start by lighting an Incense stick, carefully placing your stone over the stick letting the smoke pass your stone visualizing a good cleansing.
  • Begin by placing sea salt and water into a class or any non-metal cup or bowl. Gently place the stone in the bowl and let it sit overnight, or through the day.
  • The third way is simply letting your chakra stone sit outside or near a window tough the night or day. The goal here is to be in direct contact being cleansed by the mood or the sun receiving the purest form of energy.

Feel free to cleanse your stone every few weeks and reset intentions afterward.


Purpose, and Intentions


Well you’re probably ready to get started, don’t skip this part. It’s important that you and your chakra stone are aligned and in sync. If not you could be wasting your time and I would put this step first but, even if you’re just wearing your meditation with chakra stones and crystlasstone casually I still feel Its most important to cleanse it.

So how to begin setting intentions?

You might say, “okay I need to be more grounded”, and have a Lapiz lazuli in your hand when you should have something like tiger’s eye! These are two very different stones and are primarily used for different purposes

  1. Make sure your stones balancing purpose Is properly aligned with your purpose.( grounding= tiger’s eye)
  2. Begin by holding your stone in your left hand
  3. Recite your stones Intention( I want to be more grounded and have more energy)
  4. You can also recite intentions during meditation practices as well.

Placements, and Usage


Understanding the chakra centers on your body might be easier than you think.

  • Begin by placing red( associated with root chakra) stone on your body or closest to your root chakra and work your way up one by one till the 7th crown chakra. If your only using one stone, visualize the color best associated with the chakra center entering your body. ( for example, your root chakra is red.. so visualize literally the color red flowing directly through the body location.) If you’re using multiple stones, you can visualize one by one beginning from the root chakra.
  • Repeat the same while sitting upright in a criss-cross position, placing the chakra in your left hand and visualize red(Ex: for root chakra) flowing into your body.quartz pendant nacklace
  • You might be caring your stone around with you, lay it down next to you during bedtime, or even leave it on your desk during work. This is another great way to bring balance without cutting out time from your busy day, why not right? you can find stones in the form of bracelets, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. Although meditation practices are more effective for balancing any chakra points through your body this is an option too.
  • Placing stones like amethyst are also great for regulating negative energy within the home and sit beautifully as decoration. You can place healing stones in the bathroom, door entrance, bedroom, and can even be great outside.

If your unsure what each chakra point means or the energy each one provides your body check out chakra symbols and meanings.


Be creative.


Although many “chakra gurus” might disagree with me, you must really pick whats best for you and just try it out for a while.. See how you resonate with a necklace or a bracelet. Then see whats next for you! You might want the try Jade chakra stone.meditation.

Or you’re ready now and want to jump right in..

If your having trouble picking your first stone, or are interested in reading about some of my favorite stones, I have something helpful for you. click the blue link and It will take you directly to 7 most powerful chakra stones. blog post, which reveals how I personally go into the “Hunt” for my next chakra stone.

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