When you are on the journey to finding your wellbeing spiritual you might find yourself great help with a post like this here.the best crystal healing books

Especially when it comes to such a broad category like healing stones and crystals. In fact what comes to my mind for “fast and a lot” wrapped into one are books.

Can this be the next step to your spiritual well being?

We are going to dive into my top 5 books on healing crystals. Books like “The Crystal Bible” show how crystals are used, and the methods for creating serenity physically, mentally and spiritually

Healing crystals date back 6,000 years to the time of the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. The question of how to begin using healing crystals often arises and misleads along the way of good knowledge. We will be going over these 5 books which are the best for getting knowledge and usage about the topic healing stones that have stood the test of time.


The crystal bible

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Rating: 5-5 my rating.

Price: $14.30 for a paperback

Best Price: Amazon.com


The crystal bible is written by Judy Hall. She is a successful mind, body, and spirit author, astrologist, therapist, and crystal worker. She has written over 40 books on the crystal topic including all 3 of her well-known crystal volumes.

With her book on “The crystal bible” you can expect to receive a crystal reference, how they are formed, size measurements, crystal decorations with jewels, healing for you, crystal selection, proper care for your crystals, meditation, crystals with detailed pictures and explanations. These are just some examples of what she goes over in her book.

This book is recommended if you are trying to understand how your body reacts to crystals in particular. You can find a very thorough description of the rocks benefits for your body, along with an amazing specification for cures like carnelian for your lower back etc. etc.

The glossary alone at the back of the book is great for understanding common lingo and terms used often. Judy also gives you quick stone references and a grid layout in the book which gives you direct stone placements on your body along with stones great for healing that body part.


This book is not for you if you are interested in trying to learn about the history of stones or the particular minerals used in each crystal. It goes over more of the why and how of using healing stones. Although you will get small information such as where the stone originated.

With ease, I’m always the first to jump when it comes to an opportunity to get the best information from an expert. This book answers your most asked questions when it comes to healing with stones. I mean think about if you had the chance to learning from Judy personally who devotes her life to crystals and helping people like you and I get past the toughest hurdles. Physically emotionally and spiritually.


Crystals for beginners

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Rating: 5 of 5

Price: $12.36 for a hardcover.

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Crystals for beginners is written by Author Karen Frazer who is a metaphysical minister, practitioner in Reiki and is an intuitive energy healer. Isn’t that something?

You can expect a basic rundown of the basics of crystals and the different methods like hand and body with meditation. Crystal profiles is another in-depth segment Karen goes over which can help you give you origins and usage of crystals. Karen goes above and beyond for you and helps you learn how you can optimize your well-being with crystal prescriptions.

Karen breaks down each stone with a nice picture of the stone, origin, whether the stone absorbs or amplifies energy, designated chakra, and how it will help you. Karen also gives a tip at the end of her stone breakdown.

A good example can be the Tanzanite stone. She includes:

” Tanzanite can help you discover and clarify your own spiritual beliefs. Hold it in your receiving nondominant hand during meditation or prayer.” 

Imagine how impactful it can be to receive small tips like this from Karen.


This book only equips you with the knowledge you need to practice crystal healing and hardly goes over minerals and such information on this topic.

For in general information on how you can heal, and equip healing crystals to your daily life this book will help you. If you are looking for Specifics on minerals and stone properties this may not be the one for you.

Check out theCrystals for beginners book here.


Crystal Muse

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Rating: 5/5

Price: $19.03

Lowest Buy: Amazon.com


Info Crystal Muse is written by author Heather Askinosie who is a Feng Shui and holistic healing for over 25 years and has gotten to experience working with the best healers all over the world and share her teachings to you and me who also love learning about the topic. This book has a second author Timmi Jandoro and together they have helped people realize their true calling.

With the Crystal Muse Heather and Timmi Jandoro show you how in a step by step fashion how to cleans your stone including a variety of methods like the sun cleanse. Giving your crystals a “job” as they commonly refer to setting your stones intention. Release negative energy that may be interfering with your positive energy field. Allowing you to break bad habits, get rid of poisonous people in your life, allowing you to find peace.

I love how they categorize by benefits. For a great example,e Chapter 13 is called “Your creative spirit”. This really helps you tap into stones and rituals for the “fix” in particular.

I feel they really underline on tapping into your highest potentials through the most effective methods such as rituals.


The crystal muse just outlines their methods on rituals, and this can be a con for you when trying to learn about crystals solely.

Check out the Crystal Muse Here.


Healing Crystals: The A-Z guide to 555 gemstones.

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Rating: 5/5

Price: $9.95

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The A-Z guide is written by Author Michael Geinger who is known as one of Europes experts on crystals and their uses. Michael began collecting minerals in 1972 and began learning about self-treatment with healing crystals. Michaels book is very different as a whole in comparison to the others.

The pocket-sized healing stone guide is not to leave out of the discussion. In this portable book, You receive the thoroughness of 555 chosen stones from their origin to the mineralogy. Michael helps give you a more common use of stones with this guide on basic properties and how they will affect you using them

For example, Michale’s mineralogy for Agate “Lace agate is ” agate with twisting and turning bands. ” He lists indications: such as (SP) elegance, mental agility, dynamism(S) liveliness variety(M) flexibility in thinking and acting( B) promotes tissue metabolism, very effective against infections, insects bites, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, and venous ulcers.”

“Rarity. Readily available.”

This is a great book for really understanding your stone. You can easily look at some of the pictures here and be able to identify your stone with it’s added images. Knowing just how these stones effect you backed by science is very helpful and I think you will be able to benefit from.



  •  The A- Z guide only gives general mineralogy, indications along with the pictures and the actual rarity of each crystal.
  • You won’t receive healing grids, or how to use the stone like the first couple of books listed.

Check out the A-Z guide now.


Crystal Perscription:


Rating: 5/5

Price: $13.55


Judy Hall publishes another book ” Crystal prescription” with transcendent information.

Helping you out by listing over 1,200 symptoms and gives you her first aid guide that is rooted in only the soundest principles.

No to get off topic but Judy adds that the methods provided are well suited for children, animals, and your environment including your home. Judy wholly goes over crystal know how selection which goes over the use, you will learn to apply crystals for health, finding your prescription, purifying and focusing crystals for chakras, healing placements, crystal remedies, and how to use her directory that she makes for you.

I love how Judy goes over the symptom, for example, acne: This something myself and a lot of other people has issues with from time to time. Judy prescribes  Amethyst and Amber… But it doesn’t just end there, Judy takes the extra mile to tell you that you should “bathe with this crystal remedy, or apply to your skin.”

But if that doesn’t sound compelling I don’t know what does because not a lot of books offer these kinds of tips Judy does.

She even gets into details on crystal expenses and how to select exactly the right stone for your purpose. Judy grants an absolute ton of insight for anyone that will give you the all in one package. If you’d like to check it out you can find it on amazon.com for the best price.


I will have to be honest this love that Judy just goes above and beyond with this book that it can sink you with all the great info.

The best crystal healing books

This isn’t going to go over various single stones yet the symptom and which crystals heal them and how.

Check out the Crystal Perscription here.


Books on healing crystals can save you time and research on being able to receive such a large amount of knowledge at one. Not to toot my own horn here but I need to do my research as well.

With these books, you have expert advice at the tips of fingers. And have the opportunity to learn from crystal healers, experts like Judy and Michael who have given you their time to learn about crystals. And in return give us info that is truly priceless.

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