Are you on a hunt for a list of healing crystals for your root chakra? What’s “best” for me may not be what’s best for you. So Top 9 healing crystals for the root chakrahere you have It, a list of healing crystals along with some great recommendations. I know how it feels to be stuck site hopping, and going shop to shop getting info on crystals and stones. Can I give you a hand? GREAT!

It may be as easy as a color match and, in a blink of an eye, you have your stone, for others this may not be so easy. What is this stone for, and how Is it used? Where can I buy this for the best price etc.etc? You can expect to find a nice curated list of crystals that you can begin learning about today, and hopes your crystal or stone finds you.

How are crystals used?

House decoration, tumbled stone as jewelry, palm stones, and polished are how you can expect to use your crystals after you have a solid list of crystals that you can use through your day to your liking. Not just any, but stones and crystals that are solely used for the root chakra. Save time and energy learning about what stone is great for grounding, security, wealth, and other metaphysical properties of the most powerful stones in the world.

Red Jasper- Stone of health passion, courage

Top 9 healing crystals for the root chakra

Although I don’t like to put stones on a list of greatest to worse or vice versa. Red Jasper is a powerful stone that can help you get past emotional swings that we get on a moody day, or for some of us, this can be a daily basis. If this sounds like you (GRUMPY ) I’m a grump too and can assure you are at the right place. Jasper is a stone best paired with the root chakra and means grounding for you which is a great way to stay in the moment and plan for the future allowing you to be on your toes. Jasper also is known to give you great power in life which translated into great authority and encourages wealth creation.

It’s natural to be a query about where to buy this stone. You can find them greatly priced on,, and a ton of other sites.

Smokey quartz- Reconnection and composure

Have you ever held onto thoughts, ideas, and maybe even bad feeling about an event in the past? What about a person? Smokey quartz helps you let go of negative past that is working against you. If this sounds familiar It is okay, we are in this together, and Smokey quartz helps replace these thoughts allowing you to forgive and forget. Encourages activity, trust moving forward and is known as a cleansing stone that eases both physical and emotional forms of pain. Smokey quartz can also be paired with the crown chakra.

Learn more on the Smokey Quartz HERE.

Hematite-  A Crystal for Blood Flow +

Top 9 Healing Crystals for Root Chakra

We all have had that time were are in and out of focus and enough consciousness isn’t enough. But this is exactly what Hematite does. And higher understanding and create a shield like so Hematite naturally protect your Aura. While keeping you grounded and stable. Use the Hematite to for an increase in natural confidence and strength practice meditation with the Hematite to boost blood flow and circulation. I personally like to think of this as a great travel stone that has great potential for keeping your safe in your future endeavors.

Check out the Hematite 3 pack of stones here.


Blood Stone Top 9 Healing Crystals for Root Chakra– A Crystal For Detox +

The one and only Bloodstone are said to have wonderful cleansing properties that allow you to become stronger boosting immune system, boost energy levels, increases intuition, creativity, prosperous attitude, mental clarity. As you can see this is a very unique stone and one of my favorites. I am a very groggy weirdo that loves the idea of being “revitalized” though mind and body.  I guess the question is… Can this stonework for you?

Check out the heart-shaped Bloodstone HERE.


Sunstone-  A Stone of Optimism +

This is what you need today if you want to be inspired to create, manifest, and work towards your wildest imagination.  How does that sound?

Have serenity within yourself on wrong past experiences, grow limitlessly with the Sunstone. That being said this may also accomplishment might need love, and the beautiful sunstone aids you with the will to open your own arms up to you… IF that makes sense, LOVE YOURSELF. And gown in ways you never imagined.

Learn more about the Sunstone here

Carnelian – Confidence stone List of healing crystals

I encourage you to give this ultimate stone a shot IF you resonate with this message. Break the stress and tension that is created in your daily life. What can that be for you? Bills, Groceries, etc.

This is the stone of intimacy and sexual balance. This is a stone of blood flow and circulation in the naval area. Besides this, you are bound to find yourself living a fearless life that encourages creativity and courage paving new areas in your life in which you may have a natural talent for. Unthought of… Are you ready for something new, can this be the stone for you?

Check out  Amazon for Carnelian here.


Obsidian-psychic protection and prophecy

If you are feeling harmed mental, spirituality, emotionally, the Obsidian is a crystal of protection, that has extreme metaphysical powers that shield you through the journey of life.  Use this stone to cleanse negativity and even psychic attacks. The obsidian is also commonly referred to as the stone of prophecy for this reason. Can you use extra protection now?

Check out black 6 Faceted Obsidian meditation stone and more here.


Ruby – Self-esteem, intuition, love

Are you sure? no, not always and this isn’t just you ?… The ruby stone is said to help with self-assurance with positivity and encouraging benefits of leadership and focus. The Ruby stone similar to the carnelian can help with sexual dysfunction well being able to attract a different kind of love into the life of Its owner. You receive a very versatile stone also being helpful in manifestation and wealth creation.

Learn more about the tumbled Ruby Zoisite Here.


Jet stone- Cleansing stone

Not stone, but fossilized wood and very powerful stone that cleanses and purifies negative energy that’s in the way of the owner of the stone. Close off negative energy that aids in a spiritual direction along with physical and emotional.

Do you have those thoughts you just can’t seem to get rid of?

Jest stone helps you avoid the negative thought patterns which can help you stay laser-focused on the good in even the worst of circumstances.

Learn more about Tumbled Jet Stone Here.


The color association

Although these are all not stones that match this color, these are of high level and powerful when paired with the root chakra. Red is the color which best represents the root chakra and It’s energy.

This means: When you have feelings of lack in security, grounding, energy, lowerbody disabilities. Your Root chakra is blocked.

Caused by a veriety of reasons. Stress, Anger, surrounding energy, conact with others. And this is where your stones and other forms of energy come in handy. Aquiring more red helps you to balance energetic frequencies in the root chakra that are out of wack.


Eeny, meeny, miny, moe!

Catch a stones right by it’s benefit to your life. If the stones isnt going to help you walk your path, then drop it. It’s as easy as that! This is one thing to keep in mind when you are choosing your stone. It is to work in your favor, and this is why it is said that you dont choose your stons but instead your stone chooses you. Because if you are resonating wiht a crystal like like the Red Jasper that encourages courage. This is the universes way of connecting you to your chosen stone.

Take me for example, I have a weekness of sticking to goals. And I know consiously this is a weekness. I can choose a stone or more than one stones that will help me stay focused on task. This may take you asking a friend or family member what some of your stregths and weekneses are. I had to ask my girlfriend, who I trust with her answer.

If you are not comfortable asking anyone to point out your weak spots that is perfectly okay there are other ways to doing this. In fact reading jsut this portion of information alone may already have you thinking. What matters to you the most? This can be a starting point to figuring wich direction you would like to grow as a person. The truth of the matter is that we all have stregnths and we all have weeknesses. All it takes is a little brainstorming and you will be on your way.


the 9 best healing crystals for the root chakra

Meditation works as a natural antidote. Take your choice of a necklace, palm stone, or bracelets and just begin! After getting settled into a quiet place, you can ask yourself where you would like to grow. Take this method and use it during meditation or as a sepreate exercise. Verry simple but do not overlook the simple reflection exercise because it can actually help you become more aware of which direction you would like to take your personal well-being.


Used to naturally reduce your stress levels, heals in anxiety and depression, Aids in emotional health all round, Increases awareness, can help fight against addictions, creates a loving, and kindness mindset, and overall well being. And I personally love chakra meditation because I at one point in my life was diagnosed with attention deficit. And this practice also helps increase your attention span. So I suggest you take the time out to meditate with charka stones and you will begin to feel the wonderful change of focus, energy, power, creative energy, protection, which adds abundance to life when striving for a better person beneath it all.

End of a new start.

What stones did you resonate with the most and how are they going to help you?

Weather earings or palm stone let this end be a new beginning of a phase in which you are using these powerful stones to heal and live a life of balance.

Create a natural environment that will help lower your stress levels, help addictions, and generate overall happier healthier, wealthier and loving life.