In my last post, I explained all the awesome benefits to using essential and some optional ways to apply them in your daily life. One of the 2 different ways I went over was using a diffuser. Today we have to VicTsing 300ml cool mist diffuser review and would like to break it down for you. Hopefully, this can help find you what you are looking for in a humidifier.

We will go over the price the best offer for your buck with colors, dimensions, warranty, and my rating for this diffuser.


Today I will be breaking down: VicTsing 300ml Cool Mist Humidifier Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

The price:$18.99-VicTsing- 300ml- cool- mist- humidifier -ultrasonic- aroma -essential- oil- diffuser-02

Best promos and offers:

Product Dimensions:6.6 x 6.6 x 5.7in

Colors: Black, cherry-wood, grey and black wood template, light brown, redwood and brown.

Warranty: 12 months worry free.

Rating Find out at the end.


Color variation.

The VicTsing has some very neat colors that are different from other diffusers and humidifiers. Right off the bat, I can say personally that I love the Idea of the Wood panel, If you are not interested in choosing a wood look, they also give you the option of black. which is very neat.

The color options are:

  • Black
  • Cherry-wood (wood panel)
  • Grey and black(wood panel)
  • Light brown(wood panel)
  • Redwood and brown( wood panel)


Often times I can begin getting really bad sinuses out of nowhere, literally go the whole day A-OK until time to go to bed and BAMB I get hit with this bad blockage.

The humidifier alone can help with sinus problems because it adds moister into the air. If you’re like me and are also interested in using essential oils, you will love being able to add a more automated healing into your daily life and be able to instantly reap the therapeutic benefits which are something to love about the VicTsing.

Adding just a few drops of your chosen Essential oil can help you find balance with your chosen chakra center anytime. You can choose to use it through your day or during sleep,

Which brings me to the next awesome benefit of the VicTsing.


Auto-off and timer functions

When It comes time to sleep with the VicTsing has really got your back with the auto-off function. How does this work? Glad you asked!  The -VicTsing- 300ml- cool- mist- humidifier -ultrasonic- aroma -essential- oil- diffuser-03aroma diffuser comes with a 300ml water tank which lasts up to 8 hours. Meaning you can fall asleep, or even leave it running without being worried about what will happen if you don’t return home after a long day of work. Once the VicTsing is out of water within five minutes of being out of the water you can be happy knowing it has an auto-off function for your safety and worries.

Do you have to let It run until its out though? You might be conservative and not want to let your diffuser run till it’s completely out. The VicTsing has 3-time setting modes for you to choose from. You can be comfortable knowing you can set a timer for 1, 3, and 6 hours and once your time is up… Off It goes.

Next here is the extra 2 mist options. You can use on a higher mist level which can be great if you’re looking to get coverage in a larger space, and a lower mist setting which is great if you would like to be more conservative letting it run throughout the day. Both options you can choose from depending on your preference.

I’m not too sure if other humidifiers give you such an option to be 100% honest with you but I really enjoy knowing I can have a bit of a more conservative setting because I stay in a medium-sized room.


Light your night.

-VicTsing- 300ml- cool- mist- humidifier -ultrasonic- aroma -essential- oil- diffuser-04

VicTsing comes with 7 color options you can use for as a night light or just to be awesome.

Here they are:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Baby blue
  • Darker blue
  • Purple

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this was “these are great to use during chakra meditation” and can even help you visualize your energy color anytime. It’s not too bright either, and you can choose between a brightness option and a dim option when it comes to your lighting. Yes, there is an option to change the brightness on your diffuser any time. This was another plus in my book. So far so good!


When you decide to get your little hands on the VicTsing diffuser, you are pretty much guaranteed to love this, and If not you have a 45-day money back guarantee backed with a 12-month worry free warranty. That is honestly amazing and cannot go wrong with checking out the VicTsing. You can pretty much get it for free just to try it out which is what I love… Why not try It for FREE?


With research and research to be completely honest with you there was not much of a negative comment on issues of any type, Here is what I found.

  1. There was more than one person saying that at about the 2-week mark they started having issues with the steam pressure. Some were saying it would spit water, instead of the natural flow it came with.
  2. One other person said that around the 2-3 week mark it stopped producing any steam completely.
  3. A weak top nozzle which is pretty important in a humidifier.

Immediately I was really turned off about this because there were a few people that were saying the same thing, which really got me thinking otherwise. And if they were all having the same issue it might, in fact, happen to you and I. At the exact same time, I still had a feeling of hope because the 12-month warranty it is backed by.

what are others saying?



5.0 out of 5 starsPLEASE read!! Unbiased review. Great product.
April 7, 2016Color: Light Brown|Verified Purchase
“OK. It has been a month since I purchased this on Amazon. I did so based on reviews and my preference for its style that I liked. Please take Note that my review is based on a VERIFIED PURCHASE. I paid in full and I am not swayed by reviewing a “free” item.
With that said, I wanted a reliable diffuser that I would be able to put my favorite Lemongrass scent throughout my home. My first few uses of this concerned me as it didnt perform as expected. As other reviewers posted, the unit would not work properly after the first few uses. Knowing I had plenty of time to return to Amazon, I didn’t call it a failure and just reloaded the water and oil mixture. (About 10 drops). It has now been a full month and it continues to work PERFECT!!!!!! I love it. No issue whatsoever. I clean it after every 5 runs (as per the directions) and everything is great. My suggestion, BUY IT and don’t jump to conclusions as others have done. This IS a great diffuser that works fantastic.
BTW. There are 2 settings. I always put it on high and it covers most of our 1300 sq ft ranch home. If you are looking for a 1-2, maybe 3 joined room coverage, this is perfect.
Lastly, again, I paid for my unit. I have nothing to gain/lose for my review. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I am enjoying mine.”



Amy G

5.0 out of 5 stars Just what I wanted!
May 4, 2017Color: Light Brown|Verified Purchase
“I’m very happy with its this diffuser! It runs for over 10 hours with a full water reservoir and set to “on”. I like the fact that you can turn off the light on it, and when on, it’s a nice subtle glow. It puts out a lot of mist even on the low setting. I have other diffusers that only run 4-6 hours, and needed one to run all night in our bedrooms when we are sick. This one is just what I needed, and was a great price!”
“UPDATE: I’ve been using this duffuser for a couple of months now and still love it. I’ve found that when diffusing essential oils, I put in 5-6 drops each of two complimenting scents totaling 10 drops total. I’ve found that the oils diffuse faster than the water, so for the last several hours, you’re just getting mist. I usually just add more oil at that point or just let the water diffuse. 10 hours is a long time to go, so the fact that the oils diffuse first isn’t a problem.”


1.0 out of 5 stars Not impressed
Bymaggie2108on March 4, 2017
Color: Light Brown|
“Edited.The company contacted me in regards to the review. They were quick to reply and offered a replacement. It arrived quickly yoo. So fsr, this one’s working ok. We’ll see how it goes”

“I’ve had mine since Feb 11. Worked really nice till just a few days ago. It’s not generating enough of anything anymore. Just spits the water. No steam. So, only had it about 2 weeks before breaking. Probably shouldn’t have given it 1 star.”

Cleaning It out.

You may enjoy the diffuser longer like many others my giving It a clean after a few refills to make sure It stays in good condition.

How to go about cleaning It?

I’d recommend VicTsings instructions for cleaning It since It is their product, and they are a ton more likely to know how to go about It

Click here for 4 simple steps to cleaning your VicTsing.

Short video review on the VicTsing diffuser


Love your VicTsing


  • Feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually using the VicTsing diffuser./ +
  • 4 different color options for the diffuser./+
  • Use as both Diffuser/ humidifier to clear sinuses / during dry times for you and your family./+
  • Use the Auto factors to be more reserved or fill your space with the beautiful scents or your favorite oils./+
  • Meditate with 7 different colors which can be used for visualization during meditation and choose 2 different lighting settings/+
  • Change with mist settings from high to low anytime./+
  • 45-day money back, and 12 warranty./+


  • I really listen to customers negative reviews and haring how fast some were losing pressure./-
  • A 2-8 week time frame for a lot of customers/-

Because I loved the design along with all the great benefits including the warranty. I personally decided to give it a go coming in at 4 out of 5 rating.

Does this live up to your standards? Glad you think so.

If you’re interested in checking out the VicTsing click here.


I hope you got what you were looking for in this review, how do you like your VicTsing, leave a comment below!

Thank you for spending your time reading this review,